Blog | Mar 17, 2020

How RPA Makes Free Trials More Cost Efficient For Your Business

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A free trial is one way to expose potential customers to your product. Of course, many will tell you that there is no “free” anything. While business leaders debate whether to provide access to a limited version or to the complete version for a limited time, the result in either case is more operational costs to package and distribute this “free” product.

Like many software companies, Blue Prism distributes license keys for our product. This used to be a tedious and lengthy process; once a user requested access, we’d look them up in our Salesforce CRM, request a license, and distribute the key in an email to the customer. Often, the customer waited up to three days to receive their license key. With the sudden increase in license keys generated for free trials, a more cost-efficient solution was necessary.

Meanwhile, these repetitive and mundane tasks are, in large part, suited to Digital Workers. Fortunately, Blue Prism has access to a few! To solve this challenge, our in-house Center of Excellence downloaded the General Skill for, available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). This skill empowers a Digital Worker to navigate the Salesforce CRM for all the data necessary to issue a Blue Prism license. Then, the Digital Worker uses other skills within Blue Prism; first, to communicate with a license generator and procure the license, then to generate and send an email with the key. Now, end users wait for less than 10 minutes before the license key is delivered.

Chris Strong, product owner for the Blue Prism Free Trial product, had this to say about the new process: “Without the help from our own Digital Workforce, we would not have been able to open the doors to new users to try and learn Blue Prism.”

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