Blog | Sep 23, 2021

Hyper-automation: The competitive advantage

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In a competitive world, your business needs the competitive advantage of hyper-automation.

The pressures and challenges facing business leaders today have never been greater and more complex. Operational efficiencies are being sought across every aspect of your business. Increasingly, the board expects higher returns, along with continued value creation and growth. And the regulatory landscape you’re facing changes constantly while growing ever-more complicated in the process. In addition, as you try to manage these challenges in real-time, it’s becoming both difficult and expensive to attract and retain the talent you need to navigate them. To remain competitive and meet stringent regulations and compliance standards, companies must find ways to improve customer satisfaction, while lowering operating costs.

This is what is means to do business in today’s world. Of course, the question it begs is how to best respond? All companies must contend with these demands. But rather than simply mitigating them, some choose to go further by carving out a competitive and commercial advantage in the face of adversity. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, we’d like to invite you to hear more about transformative benefits your organization can achieve through hyper-automation.

Hyper-automation: automating the process of automation itself.

The concept of automating business processes to drive operational efficiencies is nothing new. However, where basic automation optimizes tasks, and intelligent automation transforms processes, hyper-automation goes one giant step further; hyper-automation builds on previous learnings and incorporates ground-breaking technology to deliver genuine process reinvention. How? Hyper-automation automates the process of automation itself.

Discover the transformative power of hyper-automation

Blue Prism is a market-leading provider in the design and deployment of hyper-automation solutions for enterprise-level businesses. During a 45-minute presentation, you’ll learn about the principles and approaches we apply to successfully deliver hyper-automation solutions for businesses just like yours.

We’ll show you how we’ve helped companies around the world leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We’ll explain in detail the comprehensive suite of propriety tools and proven methodologies we place at your disposal. And we’ll give you a deeper understanding of the journey we’ll help you navigate to bring about true transformative change in your business operations.

As you listen to our panel of esteemed automation thought leaders, you’ll learn about the seven foundations that underpin our Robotic Operating Model, from ‘Vision’ and ‘Organization’ right through to ‘People’ and ‘Technology’. And you’ll discover how we apply multiple Blue Prism Platforms during the phases of Discovery, Design and Delivery to create a hyper-automation ecosystem that’ll give your business the competitive edge it needs.

However, we know that processes and models mean little in isolation. So, we’ll also demonstrate how Blue Prism and EY have helped some of the world’s biggest companies cement their ongoing success using hyper-automation; names that include Coca-Cola, Walgreens, Hershey, Telefonica, and our presentation partner EY.

Doing business today is complicated. And that complexity is only likely to increase. To thrive in the future, businesses must find new and innovative ways to give themselves a competitive advantage. We invite you to discover yours through the transformative power of hyper-automation delivered by Blue Prism and EY best of breed solutions.

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Written by: Jon Walden, Chief Technology Officer, Americas, Blue Prism