Blog | Oct 13, 2021

IBM and Blue Prism Look to the Future Together

Blue Prism and IBM
I’m proud of the many ways we’ve teamed up with Blue Prism and really made a difference in our client’s lives — and the lives of their employees and customers. From providing veterans a faster response, to ensuring supply chains run smoothly and keep products on shelves, the work of automation is often invisible – but increasingly indispensable. As we look ahead to 2022, we are excited for the new possibilities our Global Engage partnership with Blue Prism will bring for us and for our clients.”
Tom Ivory Senior Partner and Global Automation Leader, IBM Services

IBM and Blue Prism formalize a global alliance agreement to expand go-to-market capabilities and deliver intelligent automation solutions at scale

Building on a long-standing global partnership, IBM has signed a global agreement to formally join the Blue Prism Certified Engage Partner program. This formal strategic alliance will enable IBM to grow its intelligent automation offerings and offer a wider range of solutions and resources to its global customers and IBM business units across industry sectors. As part of this agreement, IBM customers and business units can source all Blue Prism solutions directly from IBM or as a managed service provider (MSP).

IBM is one of our largest global strategic integration partners driving key automation solutions in North America, EMEA, ASEAN, Japan, and Australia. The finalization of the global engage partner agreement provides a springboard for the next decade of delivering joint go-to-market solutions around our key business verticals and enterprise customers.”
Greg Brett SVP of Alliances and Partners, Americas, Blue Prism

The partnership between IBM and Blue Prism has already driven success and scale for a variety of customers, while enabling IBM to introduce first-of-a-kind solutions. To note three recent examples:

  • IBM helped the Veteran’s Affairs Benefits Administration implement robotic process automation, machine learning, and natural language processing into its mail intake processes to reduce response times from weeks to days.
  • For Avon and Somerset Police in southwest England, IBM rapidly deployed Blue Prism digital workers to automate several high-impact, back-office processes, while helping the office build the capability to manage ongoing automation efforts. After successfully automating several functions, they are now looking to scale up their efforts.
  • And when Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts sought guidance for its Center of Excellence, IBM and Blue Prism partnered to provide standards, governance, and best practices to BCBSMAs growing automation program.

These examples are just a sampling of the many projects IBM and Blue Prism have partnered on over the last eight years. IBM has supported Blue Prism customers across a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, and federal government, and IBM was recently recognized with two Blue Prism Excellence Awards – the Regional Public Sector Innovative Solutions Award for work in the Americas and the Regional Public Sector Partner of the Year Award for work in EMEA. Many IBM clients are now shifting gears with their automation programs.

IBM Services’ Senior Partner and Global Automation Leader Tom Ivory sees a trend for engagements that drive scale ...

What we’re seeing now is a desire to scale up not just the number of bots but the presence and power that automation has in the enterprise. Clients are turning to IBM to help move from task automation to an end-to-end impact across mission critical business and IT workflows. They’re seeking help building a framework for process excellence that includes a powerful, virtualized COE and an operational framework to optimize the performance of automated processes, and finally they’re looking to partner with IBM to introduce industry-specific automations that solve their most pressing business problems. These kinds of engagements reflect a shift in the market.”
Tom Ivory Senior Partner and Global Automation Leader, IBM Services

As one of the largest MSPs of Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions with service offerings in more than 20 countries, IBM is well placed to help. In June 2020, IBM achieved Blue Prism’s Certified Gold Service Provider status, an elite mark of distinction that not only indicates IBM has met stringent and comprehensive standards for robotic process automation delivery but also gives customers the peace of mind that Blue Prism’s high quality service standards and expertise are met when deploying and utilizing Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform. In September 2020, IBM also achieved Blue Prism’s Certified Gold Delivery Provider status.

IBM’s participation in Blue Prism’s Certified Engage Partner Program further strengthens our capabilities and serves as the pinnacle of a relationship more than eight years in the making.

We are delighted that IBM has chosen to join our Certified Engage Partner Program. This alliance agreement underscores their dedication and achievements, including their ability to deliver successful outcomes for digital transformation solutions while providing a high-level of customer satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to work alongside the IBM team in the future to deliver great automation outcomes for our global enterprise customers.”
Linda Dotts Chief Partner Strategy Officer, Blue Prism