Blog | Jul 16, 2020

Intelligent Automation - 3 Moves to Deeper Insights and Better Results

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With the explosion of data from sensors, mobile devices, files, applications, emails, enterprise and legacy systems, businesses today are forced to leverage technology in creative ways—not only to gain competitive advantage, but also for compliance purposes. Big data, and the digital intelligence it provides, lays the foundation for informed decision-making, responsiveness, innovation and growth.

But the journey isn’t always straightforward. The demands of big data often exceed the constraints of legacy infrastructure. And there’s complexity in trying to derive value from disparate data sources. Bottom line? Gaining actionable insights is often complicated, takes time and costs money.

Nevertheless, competition is fierce, and companies who can generate deep insights quickly and easily, achieve better outcomes, improve customer experience and gain significant competitive advantage. Here’s how to re-imagine digital intelligence through advanced process automation, augmented analytics and data management.

Let inefficient workflows grow up.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been making sense of the world around them through visual data. Like a map that guides you to the best animal exhibits at the zoo, data visualization uses colors, shapes and other elements to speed decision making. GIS Mapping, dashboard visualization and embedded analytics are critical tools in modern data analysis.

Let Inefficient Workflows Grow Up

But to be truly actionable, data needs to be accessible, and digitized visualizations need to be modern, well designed, easy to use, and comprehensive.

Collecting, cleansing and consolidating data from disparate sources and legacy systems is time consuming, error-prone and inefficient.

Analytics teams are often stuck in the 80/20 rut: eighty percent of time is spent prepping data, with only twenty percent of time dedicated to analyzing it and getting to the root cause or conclusion.

That’s where intelligent automation can help.

By autonomously generating and gathering data from any source, legacy or new, a digital workforce can free human workers from repetitive tasks, streamlining work so you can monitor performance and act on advanced metrics to quickly achieve your goals.

Meet intelligent automation, your new best friend.

In 2020, the RPA market is being disrupted—but something interesting is happening. Forward-thinking companies aren’t abandoning it, they’re making it better.

They’re identifying and automating complex work as fast as possible, extending legacy automations beyond single processes, to end-to-end, automated workflows. They’re increasing agility by enhancing traditional RPA with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the skills to meet market demand. This is intelligent automation, some call it "hyper automation," and it’s a game-changer.

Why the urgency? Gartner predicts that by 2024, smart companies will lower costs by as much as 30 percent simply by combining hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes. This means increased ROI with every new use case and the ability to unify fragmented data and accelerate data integration for meaningful insights at scale.

Make data do the heavy lifting.

To stay competitive, your enterprise needs a complete data management solution with the ability to consolidate, reconcile, cleanse, master and analyze data, formatting and transforming it into actionable, visual analytics. You need business intelligence and analytics that will get you results and the capability to quickly generate predictive insights, with no human intervention, digitally manned with non-stop automated processing.

Meet XStream Insights, the industry’s first hyper-automation augmented solution that combines two leading technology platforms into a tightly integrated single platform. A smart digital workforce paired with cutting edge visualizations can help you thrive with greater speed and agility.

X Stream Insights Dashboard Blue Prism 2

This is how our answer looks to today’s challenge—easy, uncomplicated access to business and operational intelligence, data integration, data management and robotic process automation.

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