Blog | Feb 8, 2021

Intelligent Automation Advances ABB’s Manufacturing Organization

IA Advances ABB's Manufacturing Organization

Manufacturers face ever-evolving challenges from changing government policies, international trade wars and growing environmental concerns, which are bringing huge paradigm shifts across the sector. All of which are further complicated by significant skills shortages, growing cyber threats and evolving customer needs.

Another challenge is the growth of technology, which has been exponential in the manufacturing industry and elsewhere. The integration of technology can be a double-edged sword. On one side it can be a way to move the business forward. However, technology could also turn out to be time-consuming to implement, with unforeseen negative effects on growth and the overall intended goal.

ABB, a Swiss manufacturing powerhouse with 110,000 employees worldwide, experienced these challenges and turned to intelligent automation to help move its business forward. ABB utilized Blue Prism’s intelligent automation in an approach that decentralized its operating model and made all its divisions more independent and agile. Blue Prism offers a solution that goes beyond RPA and delivers automation that is intelligent and includes cognitive capabilities. Through intelligent automation, ABB was able to see results that included making its procurement and logistics organization much more efficient.

Find out about how ABB has advanced its business with intelligent automation, including the delivery of 200 reports each morning to staff in 25 countries.