Blog | Sep 3, 2021

What Happens When You Just Add Imagination and Intelligent Automation in Healthcare?

Just Add Imagination in Healthcare

While no two days for healthcare organizations are the same, very often the challenges that shape them are. And with staff satisfaction, patient experience, and financial sustainability all headlining boards' agendas, stakes are high to ensure treatment is administered as efficiently as possible.

But to tackle these ailments effectively, some organizations are thinking outside the box with automation.

This blog looks at how some of our most innovative customers are injecting a healthy dose of automation into their core functions so that their people can cease to act as administrative robots and use their amazing human qualities instead.

Streamline Clinical Workflows with Intelligent Automation

Streamlining and improving how clinical processes are performed is fundamental to ensuring patients get maximum value from their healthcare experience. Central to this is giving clinicians the ability to do more for their patients while spending less time or effort completing routine, non-patient-facing tasks.

Many healthcare organizations across the world have turned to automation to do just this, using digital workers to take care of the behind-the-scenes work that is fundamental to patient outcomes but takes clinicians away from them.

By acting as the glue between core systems, digital workers enable data to pass seamlessly from application to application, ensuring it’s in the hands of those who need it when they need it. This means that rather than having to request information from other departments or searching through countless records to find what they need, clinicians have the information they need to make informed decisions around patient care and treatment.

Check out our client case studies to see what happens when you just add imagination and intelligent automation to clinical workflows:


7.8 million testing data points recorded

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Processing down from 2 mins to 30 secs

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Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Backlog prevention and clearance

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Expedite Patient Processing with Intelligent Automation

How patients access and move through the stages of their care is a core component of their experience, and often defines their perception of the care provider. With that in mind, ensuring they’re able to access services conveniently, and their records are processed safely and efficiently are central pillars to their experience.

But with a complex array of systems to contend with, ensuring patient processing goes off without a hitch is easier said than done, or is it? Digital workers enable healthcare organizations to provide a “digital front door” to their services, and move patient information between systems effortlessly, avoiding processing bottlenecks and backlogs that detract from patient value.

Check out our client case studies to see what happens when you just add imagination and intelligent automation to Patient Processing:

Mercy Radiology

220+ appointments made online

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Ohio's Hospice

24,000 hours given back to the business

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Connect Health

100,000 patient registrations handled digitally

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Support HR and Finance Functions with Intelligent Automation

It goes without saying that Finance and HR departments are what keep healthcare organizations moving. From ensuring personnel are well looked after, to making sure wards are equipped, hospitals would quickly grind to a halt without the support of these key functions.

But to say Blue Prism makes HR and Finance operations straightforward would be misleading. We know that with so many systems, processes, and stakeholders to contend with, there’s no silver bullet to make all your problems go away. What we do bring to the table, however, is the ability to significantly reduce the complexity of your core processes, saving your staff time and your organization money in the meantime.

We do this by employing digital workers to bridge the gaps between siloed systems and applications, meaning that data is always available and in the hands of those who need it, and information never falls between the cracks.

Check out our client case studies to see what happens when you just add imagination and intelligent automation in HR and Finance:

Kings Facility Management

Time reduction of 63% between order to delivery of goods

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Mercy Radiology

$200,000 enhanced cash flow every month using automation

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Healthcare Holdings

Employee onboarding from 45 minutes to 1 minute

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