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Blog | Jan 4, 2022

Is Your Intelligence Intelligent Enough to Handle your Digital Transformation?

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In a recent report developed by the Intelligent Automation team at AWS, he states that “IA combines complicated process-workflows using a design palette of 175+ AWS GA services to deliver simplified experiences. Even Picasso would be jealous with such a large palette to work with.

Although the concept of digital transformation is not new by any means, you must be able to let your imagination run a little wild to get to the next level of “what’s possible.” You must be able to think abstractly, thinking about a workforce with no heartbeats, only code lines. Instead of asking yourself what the fully loaded cost burden is of new FTE’s, you must now ask yourself what the potential value is of a robot that will work tirelessly and never ask for a PTO day. And with this new work force, comes new benefits, such as reduced processing time (70-90% straight through processing) and cost of handling (20-60%). And of course, scalability is much less of a concern as growth spurts in demand occur.

However, at the same time you need to be able to imagine a world of digital workers, you must first be able to imagine (and be successful) what a full intelligent automation journey looks like. In the “Intelligent Automation on AWS” report, he lays out a framework to help you achieve the vision of a digital workforce, levering intelligent automation on AWS’ world-class infrastructure.

As you consider the next step in your journey, consider the following:

  1. Do your key stakeholders fully understand the definition of Intelligent Automation?
  2. Do you and your stakeholders understand, and have you considered all the elements of an IA implementation?
  3. How can you accelerate the time to results while minimizing technical debt?
  4. How will you manage the discovery of business work flows and identify their bottleneck’s, as well as optimization?
  5. How will you accelerate your IA with AWS GA services?
  6. And finally, how will you automate your implementation?

So, I ask again, do you have the intelligence? If you do, you know that the number one difference seen in organizations that talk about intelligent automation an those that actually do it and are having the most success often comes down to alignment (as stated by Welsh). There must be alignment across the leadership team. There must be commitment that they want to adopt intelligent automation.

Within this report you will find a recipe for a successful IA implementation strategy. To be successful, you must not forget to listen and learn from those that have gone before you. Leverage their best practices. Learn from their mistakes. Learn from your mistakes.

To build your intelligent muscle (intelligence), follow this well thought out path as outlined in the report:

  1. Assess IA
  2. Establish COE
  3. Sustain and Scale
  4. Engage
  5. Scale

I believe that you do have the intelligence (in case you were wondering yourself). Now it is time to prove it to yourself and your organization.

Start by downloading Intelligent Automation on AWS report today.

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