Blog | Aug 6, 2020

Making Time Matter at Microsoft Inspire

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The world has become acutely aware of the incredible work our carers do and the sacrifices they make day in and day out. We’ve seen retired doctors return to the front lines; administrative staff donning PPE on hospital wards, and nurses taking the role not only of carer; but of friend; and of family. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that what makes the NHS outstanding, is its people.

That’s why we at Blue Prism are so proud of the work we do to make Time Matter for NHS Staff: a sentiment that last week was also recognized within Judson Althoff’s (Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft) Microsoft Inspire keynote. Here, Judson walked through how Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workers are giving valuable time back to East Suffolk and North Essex’s administrative staff, by automating their Antibody testing process.

Antibody testing is a crucial element of the UK Government’s track-and-trace initiative; a program allowing NHS employers to monitor infection rates within their organizations and ultimately keep people safe. For ESNEFT – and indeed many other NHS Trusts across the UK – obtaining these tests and being able to provide them to their whole staffing body presented a substantial resourcing bottleneck and threatened to compound the pressures already facing NHS front line staff.

That’s why ESNEFT deployed Digital Workers to do the job. These Digital Workers pick up staff requests for an Antibody Test via a Microsoft Teams form and use the NHS number provided to search for the individual on the hospital’s internal records system. If the person is not yet on the system, it will go ahead and create an account for them based on the information inputted into the form. When the individual is recognized, the Digital Worker check their account history to ascertain that they are eligible for a test. Upon confirmation that they are eligible, the Digital Worker reaches out to the individual with available times allowing them to schedule their own test. To date, over 110,000 tests have been scheduled with the help of Digital Workers, and countless hours of staff time saved in the process.

We are honored to have the opportunity to showcase our solution with the Microsoft Inspire audience and to be able to share ESNEFT’s incredible story. Check out Judson’s keynote here to learn more about how ESNEFT are utilizing the platform:

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