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Blog | Jun 2, 2020

Milestones in Automation Innovation

Automation Innovation
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As we gear up for Blue Prism World next month, I’m eager to share details on two recent innovation milestones. First, we are announcing the availability of 6.8, our latest release, which offers our enterprise customers even more automation flexibility, security, ease of use, and scalability. To support this new release, we’ve also revamped our Robotic Operating Model (ROM®), which gives every Blue Prism user a clear methodology and path to success for their automation delivery. Both these new offerings align with the company’s vision of driving business-led, IT-controlled intelligent automation solutions across the enterprise.

How have Blue Prism Innovated with Automation

What’s new with Blue Prism 6.8?

  • German language support: Our globalization efforts now support German access through the “Change Language” menu when signing into Blue Prism. This brings Blue Prism’s language support to five: English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, French, and German.
  • Windows Authentication support: This enhancement allows data gateways to be deployed into Blue Prism from databases that are secured exclusively with Windows Authentication. Previously, data gateways could only interact with databases that were configured to allow the use of SQL Native Authentication. From 6.8 onwards, data gateways can now be used with Blue Prism databases secured with either SQL Native or Windows Authentication.
  • Enhanced SSO Options: A new multi-authentication deployment mode provides the ability to configure a single deployment of Blue Prism which can be configured to allow authentication using either/or Blue Prism Native or Active Directory single sign-on authentication on a user-by-user basis.
  • Improved Studio Usability: Making life easier for process developers, 6.8 delivers a host of enhancements to the Studio tab and the underlying Object and Process Studio to improve the experience when working in these areas – particularly when there are large numbers of objects and processes.

What’s new with the Blue Prism ROM?

If you don’t have a methodology and plan in place, your chances of a successful RPA deployment remain in doubt. Our ROM creates a framework to optimally manage a Digital Workforce from a centralized operating system and to successfully incorporate them into their human workforce and company culture.

Our ROM methodology and offering continue to evolve, acting as a cornerstone for Blue Prism customers to successfully launch, maintain, and scale their digital workers. This implementation platform composed of standards, principles, and templates that support intelligent and scalable RPA, is a tried-and-true approach that we’ve further enhanced with the following:

  • Expanded content offering and ROM guidance with examples and models for organizational design
  • Enhanced cultural adoption guidance
  • Additional Governance advice and best-practice offerings related to security and control over the automation software and Digital Workforce—i.e., risk management and change management
  • New guidance and advice regarding data, data storage, virtualization, Cloud RPA, integration, and communication

Without this approach and methodology, the odds of success and scaling are greatly diminished. Customers like Nikki North at The Co-operative Bank have this to say, “the Blue Prism ROM has been instrumental in helping us to review and re-shape the approach to RPA across our business. It’s provided a strong framework which has helped us create a strategy for moving our RPA offering forward.”

As the RPA industry continues to rapidly evolve, we continue to be in lockstep with our enterprise customers. These are just a few enhancements that highlight we are listening. We’ll also have more product news coming out of Blue Prism World in a few weeks. So, until next time, Vielen Dank!

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