Blog | Jun 18, 2020

Our Small but Meaningful Impact on a Global Concern

BLM Banner Headshot 440x308

After the recent events of police brutality in the United States rocked the nation, then the world, I began pondering what life — and work — might be like if Black people were treated equally and afforded a just world that didn’t require us to fear and fight for our right to live. What if everyone truly understood systemic racism and privilege? And, how might these welcome changes also affect the work environment for me and all of my Black colleagues?     

With the invaluable support of executive leadership at Blue Prism, I created the Blue Prism (BP) Black Professionals employee resource group (ERG) in the hopes of having a small but meaningful impact on this global concern. I believed that through education and awareness I could inspire and influence those around me to recognize the importance of giving the Black men and women in our Blue Prism family a unique space to thrive.  

Blue Prism continues to demonstrate solidarity with the Black community. As Blue Prism seeks meaningful ways to foster actionable changes to combat racial injustices in the United States and beyond, the Company has made a decisive commitment to strengthen the support system for our Black employees.   

Earlier this month, we launched the BP Black Professionals ERG with a focus on building and strengthening our community, providing support, and contributing to personal and professional development for Black employees within the work environment. This is the first in a long list of steps that we will take to strengthen our #oneblueprism community and ultimately, under-served communities throughout the world.  

This ERG will be planned, led, and directed by the Black men and women within our #oneblueprism community. All employees at Blue Prism are welcome to join, participate and raise awareness of systemic racism in America as we work to understand and play our part in eradicating racial injustices in Black communities across the world.  

As a first objective, we have sought to raise awareness of current concerns facing the Black community, provide a genuine understanding of systemic racism, and educate others about how systemic racism has historically affected Black communities and why it continues to affect many in the workplace today.   

Our mission is to give the underrepresented voices in the Black community a safe space to be heard and seen. In addition, we will work to create and sustain an environment within Blue Prism that will support recruitment, retention, and the professional advancement of Black employees at all levels.   

As we continue to grow and learn from each other, I am hopeful that this group will play a major role in enriching the work lives of all our valued employees and that, together, we can serve as a source of education and resources in technology and AI for Black organizations and communities around the world.