Blog | Aug 16, 2021

Blue Prism University partners with Coursera to help prepare students for the Future of Work!

Blue Prism University and Coursera

Digital transformation is taking place all around us within the world of business! 

New technologies are helping to drive that transformation. Technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the ways a business looks at their labor portfolio to achieve their business outcomes. By bringing digital workforces (digital labor) into the mix, those businesses are remaining extremely competitive by achieving those very outcomes at lower cost, faster speed, and with improved quality!

Knowledge is growing at the speed of light! Certain roles and skills are becoming obsolete … new roles and new skills are taking their place. For example, just look at the huge number of available jobs on LinkedIn under robotic process automation! At the practitioner level, you will see critical roles listed there that require help managing RPA deployments such as RPA business analysts (those folks who can identify processes across your business that are automatable), RPA designers and developers (those folks that can use the software to model business processes—understand logical workflows, business rules, business objects, etc.), RPA program managers, control room administrators, among others. Note too that RPA developers are not necessarily programmers but business folks, since using the software supports low-code/no-code usage—essentially workflow mapping and drag and drop of reusable business objects—so “citizen developers” can apply for these roles too!

This growth in RPA jobs really aligns with what industry thought-leaders and business analysts are telling us - that the global RPA segment is around $1.89 Billion today but projected to grow to $13.74+ Billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 32.8%. And an increasing market means more jobs, which means a greater demand for skilled labor.

It seems clear that these market indicators suggest that RPA/intelligent automation will become a big piece of the technology story, along with AI and ML, that will unfold over this next decade, just as Cloud/data analytics dominated the last!

How can universities and colleges possibly keep up to ensure their students don’t fall too far behind, increasing the ever-widening skills gap between education and industry? One way is for them to partner with industry leaders who are driving these new technologies that are in turn fueling this digital revolution. Blue Prism, a global pioneer and market leader in intelligent automation, and its training division, Blue Prism University, openly invites any and all higher-education institutions across the globe to come and partner with us directly to help support their students with workforce-ready marketable skills upon graduation. In helping to build a global learning ecosystem that better prepares students for the new digital economy (or industrial revolution 5.0) that is rapidly unfolding before our very eyes, we offer a very robust academic alliance program to our university partners. Free software, courseware, and online training, combined with the opportunity for students to acquire industry-strength “gold standard” Blue Prism certification are included in our Academia Program that helps our university partners teach their students the necessary skills for enterprise-level automation.

In addition to partnering directly with academia, as we grow our learning ecosystem to meet the future labor demands around intelligent automation, we also want to partner with leading skills-delivery platforms invested in developing talent for the digital economy. In order to help scale our ecosystem we have partnered with Coursera, one of the world’s leading online learning platforms, to help narrow the digital skills gap and train future leaders capable of steering digital workforces. Now, Coursera’s more than 82 million learners will have access to the Blue Prism Foundation Course. In the coming months, we plan to launch more courses that are designed to provide an opportunity to further upskill and eventually take an industry-recognized certification exam as part of the Blue Prism learning journey on Coursera.

Watch out for more blog posts from the Blue Prism University Academia Team informing you about the state of our growing learning ecosystem, announcements around new partnerships, events like hackathons and webinars, and any new courses/programs that become newly published! Until then, happy learning.