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Blog | Jun 11, 2024

How Process and Task Capture Help You Automate

Process Capture & Task Capture
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How To Find Which Tasks To Improve and Automate

Not all processes are perfect. Identifying those imperfections – the bottlenecks and unnecessary extra steps slowing your operations – can help you improve your overall workflow, reduce errors and make your organization more productive. With task and process-capturing tools, you can gather real-time insights into your business processes sooner and without all the manual paperwork.

What Is Task Capture?

Task capture gathers and analyzes user interactions from their workstation to determine each step a person performs to complete a task. It records the granular details such as mouse clicks and tabbing to new windows or applications.

Task capture helps identify issues in a task. It can also be useful for finding automation opportunities within your business, giving you the information you need to increase efficiencies. Even if you’re using legacy systems or applications, or programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel, task capture will ensure you retrieve every single step.

What is the difference between task capture and task mining?

As a technology, task capture is an element of task mining. Task mining is a process discovery tool that automatically captures granular task details and provides data-driven insights.

Which types of activities can be captured using task capture?

Task capture tools typically monitor user interactions and collect that data through logs, screenshots, etc., capturing information such as user actions, time spent on tasks and the sequence of how tasks are done.

This data is then processed and organized to make it suitable for machine learning (ML) technology. ML identifies the patterns, trends or anomalies in user behavior. You can then view these actionable insights to determine the best path for optimization – improving efficiency and simplifying your employees’ workflow by automating repetitive tasks and redesigning user interfaces.

What Is Process Capture?

Process capture will show you the end-to-end logs of how an as-is process flows.

You can perform process capture manually or speed up this information-gathering with process mining software. Process mining will give you a wider scope view of your processes. Where task mining digs into the minute details of individual keystrokes and interactions, process mining relies on event or system logs to analyze business processes. It can then create process models that show how processes are executed and determine how the process performs.

Okay, So Why Do I Need Task and Process Capture?

The more details you can acquire about the ins and outs of your organization, the better informed your people are of how things ought to be done, and the easier it is for your decision-makers to find ways to make your operations better. It can also help with new team members, giving them a step-by-step guide on how to perform certain functions.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of implementing task or process capture software:

  • Data-driven: Task and process capture allows you to quantify the cost, time and effort spent on different manual processes. This can help identify what you can automate, and what can be made redundant. These insights also allow you to monitor the progress of your optimization efforts over time and make continuous improvements.
  • Remove errors and silos: These tools help you identify where users aren’t following agreed processes or workflows, and where there are unnecessary slowdowns or steps in a task or process. By identifying these, you can improve workflows and increase efficiency.
  • Ensure compliance: With the ability to track tasks and processes, you can more easily ensure compliance policies are being followed by everyone across your organization – including any digital workers you might deploy to automate work.

Blue Prism® Capture Explained

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How does Blue Prism® Capture Work?

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What Tools Can I Use?

SS&C | Blue Prism® Capture is specifically designed to enable process owners to accurately capture and optimize their processes and provide their developers with a detailed automation prototype – generated automatically.

Capture combines task extraction and computer vision to produce a PDD; this can reduce the time it takes to develop automations by as much as 75%.

The benefits of Capture include:

  • Saved time and effort: You can capture every step of a task while the program automatically sensors passwords to maintain security and compliance. It’s designed for non-tech business users.
  • Ensure accuracy: Your autogenerated documentation gives detailed descriptions of every step in your process – so you can be assured you won’t miss any critical insights.
  • Optimize, then automate: Capture allows you to easily modify your process, adding steps, branches and branch conditions. You can split complex processes into zones for a better process flow. You can also reuse previously captured processes and stitch multiples together to automate end-to-end processes rather than individual tasks. Find tailored asset recommendations on our SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange (DX).
  • Automate more and automate faster: You can export your optimized process and use it as a starting template for future developments, setting the groundwork for further efficiency gains through intelligent automation. With SS&C | Blue Prism® Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM), you can follow a scalable operating model to help you create enterprise-ready automations through wireframes and reusable templates.

According to a 2022 survey of Capture customers, 86% of SS&C Blue Prism customers have confirmed that utilizing Capture within their RPA solution helps them to automate faster.

“We were impressed by SS&C Blue Prism Capture’s ability to reduce the time it takes to create a PDD. In addition to minimizing back-and-forth with the process owner to finalize all of the details, we are now able to include many more screenshots, which enhances the clarity and accuracy of the automation that follows.” – Specialist apps engineer at a multinational oil and gas company.

Discover how your processes run with SS&C Blue Prism Capture.

See Blue Prism® Capture in Action

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