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Blog | Jun 6, 2023

The Next Generation of Product

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Our 2023 product launch set out to address the automation stumbling blocks many organizations are currently facing. With our new and updated product portfolio, we’re offering solutions to those obstacles to provide easier scalability and growth across your enterprise.

Next Generation  

We’re taking our existing portfolio and capabilities into a new, cloud-native architecture: the Next Generation platform. It’s our cloud-native platform built to remove those blockers keeping you from scaling your automation.

Next Gen removes infrastructure dependencies and maintenance costs (especially in upgrading environments), and it enables continuous delivery of our latest capabilities. This cloud-native architecture also gives us the opportunity to innovate more quickly to bring you those upgrades.

What does Next Gen do?

Next Gen is a composable platform that lets you build your automation program depending on the level of your automation maturity level, with the flexibility of being a cloud-native platform. It builds on our current portfolio to give you the cornerstones of the SS&C Blue Prism automation program: security, compliance, and auditability. 

With all these capabilities, Next Gen helps you respond to the changing demands of your customers and employees – all while building a more robust automation program.

We’re taking the foundational operational capabilities behind robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA) to see our Next Gen platform become the architecture where we establish all our automation capabilities, from business process management (BPM) to RPA, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), UX Builder and so on.

Our goal is to bring all these programs into one platform for easier connectivity and scalability across your business. And ultimately, Next Gen enables the enterprise-wide expansion of your automation program, with the deployment flexibility to help you stay agile and ever-evolving.  

Other features in our Next Generation platform: 

  • Process Repository enables developers to save automation and deploy them across the enterprise, reducing duplication efforts and enabling better scalability. 
  • Hybrid deployment allows for the cloud benefits of easy connectivity and updates while keeping digital workers behind a firewall for those organizations with strict industry requirements. 
  • Adaptable commercial models aligned with organizational value and flexibility to suit changing needs. 
  • Easier access to capabilities through direct engagement, a partner ecosystem, or an online marketplace. 

SS&C Everywhere

SS&C Everywhere evolved through SS&C’s own experience with data management, bringing together data to power automation and analytics.

Data is core to artificial intelligence (AI), and with this convergence between data, automation, AI, and process, SS&C Everywhere is our answer. It’s a platform that speeds up your ability to utilize data across multiple systems – both those we provide and others within your environment.

How does SS&C Everywhere work?

It’s a self-service capability, meaning there’s no more manual processing or costly infrastructure scaling. SS&C Everywhere connects your data, and it’s all done with a security and compliance-conscious approach, based on SS&C’s extensive domain experience with Financial Services and other regulated industries.

Some of the features you can expect from SS&C Everywhere:   

  • Analytics layer to help business analysts identify patterns and trends – including ChatGPT integration, for business users to write queries in natural language
  • Pre-built connectors for data access to databases and third-party apps. 
  • Data mesh for streamlined data-driven processes. 
  • Data services catalog to provide access to on-demand data services. 

Updates to Our Existing Portfolio

We’ve also enhanced our current automation portfolio to bring more streamlined capabilities into your automation program:  

Process Intelligence 

Our Process Intelligence Version 2.0 has a few upgraded features to help you drive business value:  

  • Significantly enhanced UX with updated and intuitive UI. 
  • Enhanced analysis capabilities including improved Primary Path Analysis, predictive analysis and improved task mining. 
  • New integration with Chorus BPM to accelerate process discovery and manage enterprise-wide automation in production.  

UX Builder 

UX Builder 12.0 is our solution for building custom, branded web applications. Here’s what we’ve added to this upgrade:  

  • Form Design integration with Chorus to take advantage of modern design and to trigger processes or digital workers. 
  • Conditional logic for creating personalized content. 
  • Design time validation to check for errors while building the application. 


Chorus Operational Analytics (OA) 2.0 allows real-time data access into your process environment with a focus on the end-to-end journey. In this 2.0 iteration, here’s what we’ve improved:   

  • New homepage with a redesigned search and improved navigation to streamline access to data. 
  • Enhanced dashboard-authoring capabilities with new charting options to provide improved design capabilities for better visualizations. 
  • Heightened security in line with industry standards to ensure data remains secure. 

Other product updates

We’ve also made updates to a few of our other products, all to help you gain better traction on your automation efforts:  

  • Director 1.0 
  • Capture 4.0  
  • Desktop 1.1 
  • ROM2 

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these advancements in our intelligent automation portfolio.

SS&C Blue Prism is here to help you create journeys, accelerate work, transform experiences, and unify your operations. Watch the recording of our spring launch video here!

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