Blog | May 25, 2021

Progressing digital transformation within the NHS through and beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic

Blue Prism & E18 Partnership

Accelerating Healthcare Transformation with the help of our Partners 

2020 saw an acceleration in the pace of many transformation programs, as new enterprise goals, coupled with a need for organizations to pivot operations into the new ‘virtual world’, combined to force rapid change. Automation has been central to this transformation, underpinning the digitization of workflows, streamlining of operations, and shifts to the cloud or distributed computing models.

Other industries have been using IA technology for years, yet it is still a relatively new phenomenon within healthcare. As a result, within the industry there is a lack of knowledge surrounding its capabilities, causing a fear of the unknown. NHS and social care teams must fully understand the limitations of their incumbent infrastructure, and the processes primed for digitization before they realize the potential of automation. Trusts must collaborate and share information freely with each other in order to achieve this.

NHS Trusts also face barriers to implementation. In a survey conducted by NHSX which gathered information on how to use automation effectively, over 35% of respondents reported that they did not have a centralized automation team in place to lead development. A number of successful early adopters have recognized the importance of this, constructing highly skilled workforces comprised of subject-matter experts, from project managers to business analysts and developers. A portion have chosen to upskill internal staff, whilst others have chosen to hire externally. There is also a cost attached to the implementation of new technology, and as NHS Trusts operate under budgetary constraint, decision-making and investment sign-off is rarely straightforward.

We’re on a mission to break down these barriers with the help of our extensive partner ecosystem. One of these partners is e18 consulting, which recently became certified as a Blue Prism Silver Certified partner, committed to driving sustainable digital transformation initiatives across the UK public sector.

Who is e18 Consulting?

e18 Consulting, a highly experienced consultancy specializing in delivering digital transformation for public sector organizations, has recently been awarded ‘Silver Advanced Partner’ status as part of Blue Prism’s partner program. e18 has a longstanding track record of driving change through collaboration, and over the past year have worked with several trusts that are now using the NHS Digital Exchange as part of their automation journeys with Blue Prism. Partnering with healthcare specialists in e18 has allowed Blue Prism to focus on how automation can positively impact patients while streamlining business operations and generating efficiency savings.

Peter Ford, global channel alliance manager at Blue Prism said: “We are extremely pleased to have e18 Consulting on board as a partner. They are highly experienced within the public sector and have a longstanding track record of collaborating with NHS organizations to deliver digital transformation. Whilst Blue Prism’s intelligent automation technology aims to streamline business operations and generate efficiency savings, as healthcare specialists, e18 place a real focus on how we can positively impact patient outcomes. We are very proud of e18’s achievements to date and are looking forward to further successes to come.”

Together, we look forward to bringing the power of a digital workforce to more NHS Trusts across the country and democratizing automation for the benefit of patients.