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Roadmap to Self-Sufficiency

By Xina Seaton
VP, Customer Experience, Blue Prism
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Lloyds Banking Group’s Successful Digital Transformation Journey

The Café continues to bring insights to you from customers, leaders, practitioners on how they are deploying RPA at scale within their organizations. This month I hosted Gerald Pullen, Head of Continuous Improvement & RPA from Lloyds Banking Group and James Johnson, Client Director EMEA from Symphony Ventures, who shared Lloyds’ exciting journey towards self-sufficiency in RPA. Lloyds Banking Group is 250 years old with more than 30M customers, 75,000 colleagues and 2,000 branches across the UK. Gerald shared that Lloyds is focused on delivering a seamless, multi-channel customer experience. The bank is re-imagining what the customer experience could look like utilizing RPA to help shape this strategy into a reality.

The Goal for RPA

The goal for Lloyds is to be the “best bank for the customer and you do this by focusing on the end-to-end customer journey.” RPA is not about individual projects, it is viewed at Lloyds as a key part of their transformation approach, delivered through innovative, cross-functional teams that are externally aware to help deliver a significant improvement to the customer experience.

Customers are at the heart of our transformation and for us to accomplish this, it means breaking down the silos and building cross functional teams that are self-sufficient, agile and who take an iterative approach.

Flexible Training Program at the Heart of a Successful Implementation

In addition to using the Blue Prism ROM (Robotic Operating Model), Lloyds and Symphony together created a flexible and scalable training program to enable the team with a 3-phase approach. This incorporated Blue Prism training along with the ROM® and various additional elements.

  • Symphony team led, and Lloyds team shadowed. They focused on the discovery process, early planning and design so they could get ready to lead on their own.
  • The teams formed a hybrid model with 3 people from each team working alongside one another sharing the deployment tasks.
  • Lloyds team took the lead with oversight and quality assurance by the Symphony team.
If you were doing that work from the center, you couldn’t reach all those processes; there wouldn’t be enough people, so by combining with the businesses and the team in the center, and you know, your choice of suppliers, your on-shore businesses, your off-shore businesses, and your framework that’s the only way to reach opportunities and really get all that work done at the pace you have. Having achieved 50 processes this year and setting a target for next year, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t do it all from the center.”

All RPA is Not Equal

An important aspect of the bank’s journey is to ensure the ‘safe at scale’ aspect and that means they are investing in a few of their customer journeys before they federate it out further. Lloyds is starting to federate and I would say is successfully overcoming automation anxiety through three ways

  • Managing the culture aspects of automation
  • Doing the right due diligence up front and picking an ‘enterprise RPA at scale’ solution and
  • Re-imagining the customer experience. Their desire right from the start, was to have one platform for the entire bank. After considering other software options for their enterprise wide roll out they picked a solution to help with their aspiration and ambition of scalability, as well as importantly, re-usability as they expand into hundreds of virtual workers

For Lloyds the RPA journey has been underpinned by their strategy to be the best bank for customers. RPA is a significant lever in transforming their customer journeys, freeing their colleagues from mundane, repetitive tasks and re-skilling their talent.

Hear the Lloyd Success Story

View the recording now to hear directly from Gerald at Lloyd’s as he shares more details about their RPA journey and answers many other questions along the way.

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