Blog | Feb 23, 2018

RPA Technologies Becomes First Blue Prism Authorized Training Partner in Japan

Bp Thumb Japan

This week marked another major milestone for Blue Prism’s Authorized Training Partner program, which launched in June 2017 to help meet the growing global demand for training RPA developers on the Blue Prism platform. RPA Technologies has been officially certified as the first Authorized Training Partner in Japan.

As a certified training partner, RPA Technologies will offer developers a hands-on training course on the basic Blue Prism implementation skills –– all available in Japanese. The two-week session will cover a wide range of material, including development methods, best practices, requirement buildings, live level developments, user acceptance testing and release.

The condensed, yet comprehensive program is designed to speedily and effectively train RPA developers, so they can immediately begin to fulfill the RPA skills gap and drive organizations’ digital transformation initiatives across Japan.

The Japanese government’s Work Style Reform (hatarakikata kaikaku) initiative has also helped to pique interest and demand for RPA technology. This appetite needs to be fulfilled with experienced, highly skilled RPA expertise. The availability of these courses is a first step in helping people get started on their RPA journey. Together, through this partnership, Blue Prism and RPA Technologies will help usher in Japan’s next generation of RPA developers.