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Blog | Dec 1, 2022

Enterprise Grade IA and RPA for Salesforce

Salesforce RPA
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SS&C Blue Prism is collaborating with Salesforce to make it even easier for customers to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks over their entire workflow. Our goal is simple: we're putting the power of intelligent automation (IA) directly into our enterprise customers’ hands to help leaders, business users, contact center agents, and sales professionals respond more quickly and develop even better customer relationships.

Imagine combining everything you love about Salesforce—a global leader in cloud-based enterprise applications—and combining it with SS&C Blue Prism’s pioneering IA and RPA solutions. This combination gives you AI-driven, cost-saving automations with better customer journeys, improved capabilities, and business-wide efficiencies.

Digital transformation can be difficult with legacy systems, silos, and disconnected workflows. But by combining the capabilities of SS&C Blue Prism with Salesforce, you get bi-directional connectivity, making it even easier to execute automated processes between our two platforms and across Salesforce clouds.

It’s the future of automation and the innovation your organization needs to achieve better business value and efficiency.

Salesforce RPA Connector

You can empower your team to extend the benefits of IA using pre-built modules designed for key processes and workflows. Once connected, you can use the Salesforce Process Model to drag and drop skills into your workflow—no coding necessary. Build flows, connect with back-end applications, and deploy digital workers powered by AI and cognitive capabilities to effortlessly execute tedious, error-prone tasks.

SS&C Blue Prism’s digital workers are offered in conjunction with Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Flow, and Einstein to provide attended automation, offloading backend system work from the agent. They improve sales and productivity across all industry platforms while increasing customer satisfaction.

SS&C Blue Prism’s connected robotic process automation (RPA) platform along with a Salesforce connector are available on the Salesforce AppExchange, with five new skills now available on SS&C Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX).

The new SS&C Blue Prism and Salesforce connector provide Salesforce users with seamless access to advanced RPA capabilities, either on-premises or as a cloud-based deployment while extending native RPA capabilities within Salesforce through an intelligent digital workforce. That means you can create bigger, more meaningful automation wins starting on day one.

Together, we’re enabling easy access to enterprise-grade intelligent automation solutions.

Salesforce RPA Examples

Contact center agents using Service Cloud software can reduce Average Handle Time (AHT), increase First Call Resolution (FCR) and improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM). And with that, Salesforce Flow empowers users to build complex business solutions using low-code, drag-and-drop features. This improves end-to-end processes and saves your organization time and money.

Administrative tasks, with bots covering the time-consuming tasks, mean processes are handled faster and more accurately. This allows service agents and sales professionals to refocus their attention on improving the overall quality of service for their customers.

We’re transforming agents’ experience and productivity by integrating SS&C Blue Prism digital workers into the Salesforce Service Cloud to provide attended automation. Attended automation offloads back-end systems from an agent and relieves the monotonous tasks from employee processes, resulting in better staff retention. Plus with fewer errors, customers have a better experience and your organization has greater overall operational efficiency.

Pre-built connectors make it easy to automate complex business tasks with bots, in and around the Salesforce stack, including entry of customer data, quotes, account updates, etc. Now, business process owners drive process definitions, rather than IT, without worrying about compliance or regulatory issues. And a library of reusable SS&C Blue Prism objects makes it possible to create endless automations.

This combination of SS&C Blue Prism and Salesforce has many advantageous business applications and capabilities, including:

  • Applying pre-built integrations and building automated workflows with drag-and-drop features for time-saving automations that reduce friction in Salesforce deployments. 
  • Extending the benefits of RPA with a full stack of intelligent automation tools ready for bi-directional integration from day one.
  • Reducing costs and improving employee productivity with pre-built connectors to quickly automate front and back-office tasks in and around the Salesforce stack.  
  • Seamlessly automating interactions with other systems, including mainframes.
  • Scaling intelligent automation quickly and securely.
  • Creating cross-application workflow with data integration opportunities enabled across the enterprise.
  • Accelerating time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership, with reduced reliance on scarce or overstretched IT resources.
  • Delivering fully audited capabilities for digital workers to create, read, update, and delete information within Salesforce applications.
  • Enhancing Einstein and chatbot’s next best actions across the application landscape.
  • Extending Salesforce Lightning Flow to external applications.

We’re also enhancing Salesforce Einstein by providing additional context for more informed decision-making. SS&C Blue Prism enables Einstein to operationalize external AI/ML data sets and modeling tools seamlessly and in real time. Improving context for Einstein’s 'Next Best Action', SS&C Blue Prism's intelligent automation integration capabilities fit easily into the Salesforce environment so that processes such as advanced analytical modeling can be invoked directly by actions within Salesforce, with results returned appropriately and in real-time.

Salesforce RPA Integration

Autonomous, highly organized digital workers offer unlimited flexibility and connectivity while automating complex business processes in any industry and across departments. They communicate across systems quickly, making accurate information readily available.

With bi-directional API integration, you can invoke SS&C Blue Prism digital workers from within Salesforce, with a secure bridge to legacy systems so you have quick access to data from previous mainframes. On the SS&C Blue Prism side, you can create, read, update, or delete any Salesforce object.

In other words, they’re the perfect pairing.

Just remember: To ensure you’re getting the best results you’ll need to configure Salesforce and SS&C Blue Prism. Before launching, ensure your business unit has the prerequisites to gain the most optimized process configuration for your systems.

Pets at Home Case Study

Pets at Home, a pet grooming and veterinarian shop in the U.K., exemplifies how combining intelligent automation with Salesforce has helped customer service. They implemented a team of SS&C Blue Prism digital workers to help their employees manage the sharp increase in customer inquiries through digital channels.

The digital workers, in integrating seamlessly with Salesforce, were tasked to respond to simpler queries such as requests for order updates. This allowed employees to focus on face-to-face customer interactions and more complex tasks related to customer records. Now, they’re taking their automation further, using IA to deliver relevant data to the executive staff so they can make informed decisions more quickly. And they plan to expand that even further in the future.

Blue Prism and Salesforce

In summary, our suite of automation technologies, in collaboration with the Salesforce platform, gives anyone the ability to build intelligent workflows in Salesforce with code-optional AI, and cognitive and intelligent automation skills that mimic human capability without human error. This not only solves common customer issues but also improves employee experience by freeing them up for higher-value tasks.

You can combine the intuitive, cloud-based applications of Salesforce with the pioneering intelligent automation of SS&C Blue Prism. Find out how.

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