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Blog | May 21, 2023

SimplifyNext’s Double Silver Achievement and Good Work in Healthcare

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Automation has been around for over a decade, but with the world of business constantly evolving, organizations are increasingly turning to intelligent automation (IA) to streamline their operations, boost productivity, and create greater value for their employees and customers. While many organizations are implementing IA solutions, it is the ones who achieve certification in this technology that truly stand out.

We are proud to announce that one of our leading partners in Singapore, SimplifyNext Pte. Ltd., has recently achieved “double silver,” i.e., silver-level certification as a Delivery and Capability Provider with SS&C Blue Prism. This double certification is an incredible accomplishment and serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to building scalable, resilient SS&C Blue Prism intelligent automation capabilities for their clients and ensuring high-quality delivery. Moreover, this marks a significant milestone, as SimplifyNext is the first SS&C Blue Prism partner in Southeast Asia to achieve "double silver" certification.

As with all certifications, the process is rigorous and demanding, requiring certified individuals to demonstrate their expertise in a wide range of areas, including software development, process mapping, and automation design. Those who have attained these levels have proven that they possess the knowledge and skill set necessary to develop, deliver and implement intelligent automation solutions that are effective and efficient.

As a Singapore-based company, SimplifyNext has been working with SS&C Blue Prism for several years and has amassed a wealth of experience in this field. Their dedication to ongoing learning and hard work has enabled them to develop a deep understanding of the nuances of intelligent automation, which enables them to deliver outstanding results for their clients. With their recent expansion to Malaysia and Thailand, SimplifyNext is well-positioned to continue providing top-notch intelligent automation solutions across Southeast Asia.

Achieving certification is not only a significant accomplishment for our partner, but it also benefits their clients. By partnering with SS&C Blue Prism, organizations can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality and robust solution that is designed to meet their unique needs and requirements. Certifications are also a reflection of our Partners’ quality, experience, and knowledge. It helps in differentiating our Partners from the competition and gives peace of mind to the Customers that they are working with best in class.

Example of Singapore Healthcare System

A great example of this is when Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), the leading healthcare technology firm that integrates resilient, intelligent, secure, and cost-effective technology with people and processes to make healthcare more efficient, inclusive, more accessible and safer for patients have selected SimplifyNext as its partner to complement its own RPA team in delivering intelligent automation solutions across the Public Healthcare in Singapore.

As a multi-award-winning healthcare IT leader, IHiS digitizes, connects, and analyses Singapore's health ecosystem by integrating intelligent, highly resilient, and cost-effective technologies with processes and people. IHiS' RPA team has been working closely with SS&C Blue Prism to deliver automation for several years now. For example, during the pandemic, they worked with SS&C Blue Prism to deploy Digital Workers to assist healthcare staff complete patient registrations and updating records in a faster, more efficient way. The automation was deployed within two days. Automating this process meant that up to four hundred patient registrations could be digitally recorded and processed every day, a significant increase over manual recording where it would have taken 36 hours of manual work by three staff to do the same task. Accuracy is also improved with automation, resulting in fewer errors. With the extra time, staff could focus on patient-facing activities instead of being bogged down by administrative work.

Sunny Saha, Managing Director & General Manager for SS&C Blue Prism in Asia-Pacific, remarked; “We are committed to collaborating with partners who provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. We are thrilled to see SimplifyNext achieve this “double Silver” certification and look forward to continuing our work together to help organizations achieve success through solutions.”

“Automation has the potential to transform Singapore's healthcare sector. It can support patient care, improve efficiency, and effectively manage data. By automating routine tasks and streamlining processes, RPA can free up healthcare workers' time and allow them to focus on patient care. With the right automation strategy, RPA and IA can both support and transform Singapore's healthcare sector.” added James Lucas, Vice President of Sales – ASEAN & GCR, SS&C Blue Prism.

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By: Stephen Lo, Head of Partner Success, APAC & Japan, SS&C Blue Prism

Stephen Lo

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