Blog | Feb 5, 2019

Slashing Consulting Costs and Scaling Your Digital Worker with Automatic Process Assessment


RPA or Robotic Process Automation is definitely a hot topic. The reason is obvious: process automation done correctly can dramatically reduce cost, while increasing both the speed and accuracy of process execution.

However, RPA adopters are finding their initiatives unintentionally and often unnecessarily gated by the time and effort required by the pre-RPA process discovery and benchmarking of the as-is state. “How do we know what to automate next and why?”

But, why is this acting as the proverbial “ball and chain” of automation efforts? — because most pre-implementation process assessments are typically run as highly manual efforts– and therefore are time consuming, costly, and open to error.

There’s a rising technology star that is solving these problems. Process Intelligence used during the pre-implementation analysis of existing processes can automatically highlight the ideal candidates for an RPA both in terms of process efficiency goals and to define realistic Return on Investment expectations.

This increased Process IQ delivers 100% end to end process visibility through the creation of an interactive digital process twin, created in a fraction of the time of the historically manual process assessments. Once a process twin has been created — Process Intelligence will easily allow your organization to quickly identify the bottlenecks in business processes — so you can see the areas where manual steps are causing compliance and audit challenges, rework and repeated steps. These resource intensive, error-prone manual steps are prime candidates for an RPA implementation.

Essentially a Process Intelligence Platform acts as your RPA roadmap, identifying, prioritizing and justifying the right processes to attack — or as one of our customers calls it — “Evidence Based RPA Planning”

If you still don’t yet have a blue print for intelligent automation or your operational transformation in 2019 you still have time to plan. If your organization is prioritizing digital transformation and truly wants to accelerate their success — a Process Intelligence Platform is an absolutely critical piece of the puzzle.

Reduce the time and effort it takes to get your RPA initiative off the ground and learn how to quickly and efficiently scale your digital workforce. Join us for a webinar on February 6, 2019 at 1:30 pm EST to learn how to accelerate your enterprise RPA projects with Timeline Process Intelligence.

Ryan is currently a Product Leader at TimelinePI, Inc. Ryan graduated with a Master of Business Administration Degree, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Analytics/Informatics and a Minor in Operations Management from Widener University. Ryan has had many diverse job experiences including retail sales, engineering project management, constituent services, authoring legislation, and so much more.