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Blog | May 22, 2023

Spring Launch: Total Transformation & Innovation with SS&C Blue Prism

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Our 2023 product launch was a huge success – and we have you, our customers, to thank. In case you missed it, we took a ‘total transformation’ approach to our SS&C Blue Prism vision this year. We looked at how our customers experienced our platforms and the problems they wanted to address in their businesses, and we came up with innovative new ways to develop their automation journey.

Over the last months, we’ve seen a lot of change, challenges, and incredible leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) technology – all of which have brought us to today and the success we’re seeing through our customers.

Intelligent Automation with SS&C |
Intelligent Automation with SS&C Blue Prism overcoming obstacles

We take on the challenges others see as stumbling blocks and turn them into opportunities for you. SS&C Blue Prism has stood at the forefront of automation technology for 20 years, empowering organizations to unlock the power of robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA). We see automation as a journey, and we’re guiding our customers to achieve better value for their businesses.

Total transformation drives the future of organizations, and SS&C Blue Prism plays a major role in that innovation. Just ask Gartner, Everest, and Forrester – they all named us an RPA leader.

As one of the market leaders, we’re committed to supporting enterprises as they harness the power of IA. We believe in the importance of seamlessly connecting people and digital workers to deliver growth and achieve enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Intelligent automation is the path to greater efficiency, better customer and employee experience, and higher-value revenue generation. And to achieve that, it’s just as much about having the right technology as it is the right plan.

We have a keen eye on the future and the strategy to back us up. That brings us to today and our exciting new array of automation solutions.

Here’s what we’re bringing to you:

  • Next Generation: our vision for a new, cloud-native platform
  • SS&C Everywhere: our on-demand data management platform
  • Updated capabilities across our existing products
  • How to implement intentional automation for better results

Our vision for 2023 culminated in the brilliant minds of our community. Leading up to our launch, we crowdsourced and implemented 57 customer ideas to get where we are now.

Big Things Are Here with More to Come

At SS&C Blue Prism, we’re proud to showcase a set of new and updated products to help you unlock the power of IA across your organization.

No. of enhancements across portfolio for transformational results through intelligent automation
Enhancements across portfolio for transformational results through Intelligent Automation

Next Generation

SS&C | Blue Prism® Next Generation, or ‘Next Gen’ for short, is our new cloud-native intelligent automation platform built on our current portfolio. It’s highly intuitive, user-friendly, and it’s all on the cloud to give you continuous delivery of the latest capabilities.

SS&C Everywhere

SS&C Everywhere simplifies data access and speeds up business response times with secure, self-service access to data from multiple sources – removing manual processes and costly infrastructure scaling.

What’s New?

Our focus hasn’t just been on these brand-new innovations. We’ve also been working on numerous enhancements across our automation portfolio.

Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence is designed to accelerate process discovery and identification time by up to 80%. Now, with our Process Intelligence Version 2.0, we’re making it even more powerful with better UX and UI, enhanced analysis capabilities, and new integration with Chorus BPM.

UX Builder

With UX Builder, business users can build custom-branded web applications quickly through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Our updated UX Builder 12.0 is integrated with Chorus to add new features, including conditional logic and design time validation.


Chorus Operational Analytics (OA) 2.0 provides real-time data for frontline managers to improve their operations, now with a new homepage, enhanced dashboard-authoring capabilities, and heightened security.

Other product updates

We’ve also made updates to other products, all to help you gain better traction on your automation efforts:

  • Director 1.0
  • Capture 4.0
  • Desktop 1.1
  • ROM2

Intentional Automation

Maureen Fleming, program vice president for IDC’s intelligent process in worldwide intelligent process automation, defined intentional automation as a strategic approach to your automation initiative, replacing a technology-first mindset with a business outcomes approach. It requires planning and is engineered to deliver quantifiable business value and growth opportunities.

Preparing for Intentional Automation by Solving the Hurdle of Using Multiple Automation Technologies Seamlessly
Preparing for Intentional Automation by Solving the Hurdle of Using Multiple Automation Technologies Seamlessly

Focusing on improvement milestones is key. One of the biggest hurdles with intentional automation is finding how to integrate multiple automation technologies seamlessly. That’s where platforms like Next Generation can help you coordinate your automations for better agility and consistency.

With that, we hope you’re as excited as we are about these advancements in our intelligent automation portfolio.

SS&C Blue Prism is here to help you create journeys, accelerate work, transform experiences, and unify your operations. Watch the recording of our spring launch video here!

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