Blog | May 14, 2019

TAP Tuesday: Content IQ Skills for the Digital Worker


For enterprises who are rapidly evolving their use of RPA, how you consume and use other technologies like OCR, machine learning, and other AI technologies that complement Blue Prism is evolving rapidly. Within the Center of Excellence (COE), key stakeholders in business and IT are increasingly finding automation opportunities involving unstructured content which could be a part of onboarding a customer, a lending approval process, or attached to a finance related processes.

To tackle the many business processes involving content will require a fresh approach to how the technology is consumed within automation tools like Blue Prism, and this evolution which has led to what ABBYY calls Content IQ.

Content IQ for RPA

Content IQ is a class of technologies that help digital workforces understand and create meaning from enterprise content. It brings together OCR, machine learning and other AI technology to create structured information from unstructured content and complements intelligent automation platforms like RPA. Content IQ enables organizations to apply intelligence to their content and connect it to a wide-range of business processes. In addition to easily connecting to a process, it adapts to the many variations of a document making it a powerful for the digital workforce.

With the new digital workforce, the ability to quickly consume and use Content IQ technologies empowers a broader set of users in the enterprise to automate more. To do so, the class of technologies are delivered as Content IQ skills that are the driving force to fast, intelligent, and extensible technology. A skill represents best-of-breed AI technologies from ABBYY that can be quickly consumed as a service and carry out a task like reading a document, routing a document, extracting data, or any other task related to understanding and processing content.

The use of cognitive skills can then be leveraged directly within an RPA platform like Blue Prism, targeting activities and skills required by the digital worker to solve specific business problems. A skill can represent a core cognitive skill like classifying a document or extracting data, and advanced cognitive skills are designed and trained for specific document use cases give the digital worker the necessary skills to perform the work that would otherwise be handled by an employee.

Taking the Next Step

Regardless of your industry, Content IQ skills can automate a wide array of content-centric processes – handling both structured and unstructured content.

To get started, watch our recent webinar that introduces a new offering, ABBYY Vantage—the first enterprise platform to provide human-like cognitive skills to intelligent automation platforms such as Blue Prism, transforming your business processes with a smarter, more powerful digital workforce.

You can also learn more about the ABBYY Vantage solution by visiting the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.