Blog | Nov 17, 2020

The AI Missing Link

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Few disagree with the notion that AI is essential to companies’ survival going forward. Surveys have shown that most companies have invested in AI in some form. However, surveys have also indicated that most companies have not fully realized the benefit of their AI investment. Furthermore, many companies struggle to find the right talent or enough talent to make AI work while organizations like Google staff hundreds of data scientists. What is the missing link?

Chris Johannessen, Digital Transformation Strategist at Axis Group and Founding Editor of a new AI journal, and I recently collaborated on a white paper to address this topic. We titled the paper “AI for the Masses” because the era of Intelligent Automation has truly rendered AI more accessible to the business than ever before. By linking powerful AI capabilities to business processes through the digital workforce, companies can implement AI at scale and enable themselves to tackle process automations with greater complexity and impact. The combination of human workers, digital workers and digital services like AI is positioning companies to thrive in the new digital economy.

Download the white paper.