Blog | Apr 22, 2022

Three keys to minimizing technical debt when implementing your low-code/no-code intelligent automation solution

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As life returns to a “new normal” post pandemic, many organizations are facing a worker shortage. While others are facing accelerated requests for their product due to pent-up demand. All while those same organizations face the same pre-pandemic financial expectations from their investors and executive boards. This has created the perfect storm. Thankfully, innovation did not slow down during the pandemic.

Thanks to new low-code/no-code solutions, organizations have the potential to accelerate their outcomes. However, if not done with the upmost consideration large technical debt may occur. Ultimately, this could delay production, delivery, etc. of your products and services further and eat into an already thin budget. The good news is that you don’t have to fall victim to technical debt. Thankfully, there is a three-part answer that will help prevent you from making similar mistakes to those that have gone before you. In “AWS Intelligent Automation Report – 4Q ‘21 ”, it discusses how to Assess, Assemble, and Automate your Intelligent Automation on AWS (IA) Solution portfolio to reduce the risk of falling prey to technical debt.


The first step in almost anything important in life (which includes your work) is to take an assessment. Doing anything before this step will ultimately end in mistakes and rework (i.e. technical debt). And with timelines already under immense pressure this should be avoided as much as possible. In the AWS Intelligent Automation Report – 4Q ‘21 business process assessment includes process discovery, mining, and monitoring. By completing this process assessment, you can identify what action favors your business best and engage with AWS and Blue Prism to prioritize the path forward.


Just as you would want to assemble a soccer team with a diverse set of players that could play offense, defense, think strategically, be creative, you want to also assemble the right IA Solution portfolio. You want to make sure you take full advantage of all the capabilities that AWS has to offer, going beyond just cloud compute and storage services. There are 200+ featured services available. The good news is that with these AWS services, you get their Low-code/No-code capabilities for design, development, and deployment. And combined with Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX), organizations can now ‘assemble’ their IA capabilities.


Finally, with the help of Blue Prism, organizations are able to automate their solution and train their digital workforce to autonomously take on increasingly complex tasks on AWS. The key here is not to go for the big bang. Leverage the information provided during your assessment to guide you. Quality over quantity is going to be key at this moment. And Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the AWS Intelligent Automation Report – 4Q ‘21 for success stories of others already reaping the benefits of their IA solutions. By reviewing this report, you will also be a step ahead in ensuring you don’t land yourself in debt (technical debt that is…).