Blog | Feb 2, 2020

Transforming BT’s Stakeholder Experience with Intelligent Automation

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(Originally published in Digital Bulletin.)

BT is driving technology-driven change for its 100,000-strong workforce that serves customers in 180 countries. The world’s oldest telco is on an exciting journey - unleashing the full potential of Connected-RPA technology to revolutionize the experience of both its customers and employees.

BT’s journey started in 2017, and two and half years later, we’re proud to report that BT has successfully automated 163 individual processes, employing 266 pre-built digital workers. This has already resulted in an amazing 500,000 human hours being generated back to BT’s business.

This huge capacity is being used to facilitate growth in certain teams who can now take on more varied work, and it’s an enabler for bringing call centres back into the UK. Ultimately, BT’s goal is to drive exponential growth in the number of hours saved by its employees to further improve both the customer and employees experience.

BT is working to upgrade the experience of its 100,000+ employees with robotic process automation (RPA), layered with ever more sophisticated intelligence. In this short video, BT’s journey is explained from the perspective of Leigh Feaviour, Principal Solution Architect for Intelligent Automation, BT. He sees RPA as a key enabler to BT becoming a more efficient organization and a better organization to work in - with an improved employee experience. Leigh also sees BT becoming a much more responsive organization - accelerating its activities, which will lead to hugely improved customer experience and ultimately shareholder value.

This next video explains how global professional services giant Cognizant, applies RPA to its own operations in service of BT. Cognizant supports a vast swathe of the IT infrastructure at BT’s mobile arm, EE, and unilaterally proposed the move as a way of reducing BT’s costs.

Highlighted in this final video, BT is automating processes in Finance and HR, as well as consumer, enterprise and networks businesses to make them more efficient and work first time. This enables BT’s employees to perform activities aligned to their ‘human’ strengths, such as decision making, client liaison and empathetic tasks.

BT is currently launching a brand refresh complete with a bold, simplified logo and an uncomplicated, uncompromising new tagline: ‘Beyond Limits’. I believe that in working with BT, we are helping their community of employees and customers to already deliver this vision - by achieving more and growing more - easier, faster and better.

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