Blog | Jul 2, 2020

Welcome University of Lodz to the World of Automation


The Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz, has been officially admitted to the Blue Prism Academia Program. This is the first program in the region and one of the first programs in Poland, which will offer students practical knowledge in the field of software robot creation and the opportunity to obtain an international certificate.

The ability to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is currently one of the most sought-after skills on the labor market, both in Poland and worldwide. Automating processes using digital workers is a trend that is more and more apparently appearing in modern business, which is why companies are looking for specialists in such professions as: RPA analyst, developer, and specialist in process automation or optimization.

Accreditation of Business Process Automation (BPA) by Blue Prism Academia is a unique opportunity for students to receive constantly updated, practical knowledge on building and managing a Digital Workforce, as well as preparing processes used in the company for automation. Thanks to accreditation, students will now have access to Blue Prism’s Connected-RPA platform for creating RPA and instructional materials.

“Students will now also be able to prepare their graduation projects, which are taking place of the traditional, written thesis,” says Dr. Artur Modliński from the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz, head of the department.

During four of the six semesters of BPA, students will participate in an intensive Blue Prism training course, which will be run by experts with many years of experience in the field of business process automation and Digital Workforce management. Acquired qualifications will be confirmed by passing an international exam and obtaining one of six Blue Prism certificates: Developer, Professional Developer, Solution Designer, ROM Architect, Technical Architect (V6), Installation Engineer (V6).

During their studies, students of business process automation will also carry out such subjects as: digital transformation in management, communication in a virtual environment, human-machine cooperation, groupware and virtual work, i-Management, ethics of new technologies or investor speech. Graduates of the program will enter the workforce with the highest level of knowledge and practical skills corresponding to the current needs of business.

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