Blog | Apr 3, 2020

Women in RPA – Celebrating our Initiative to Support Female-Led Innovation

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As a technology business that’s at the forefront of the digital revolution, Blue Prism believes in promoting the values of equality and opportunity in everything we do. But we’re also fully aware that there’s an inherent imbalance in gender equality across much of the tech sector.

As a cutting-edge software innovator, we’ve been at the forefront of developing robotic process automation (RPA), with many female entrepreneurs playing an integral part in making RPA a workable solution for a host of different global organizations. However, with recent stats from WISE showing that only 16.4% of ICT professionals are women, we recognize that more must be done to create opportunities for ambitious women in RPA and beyond.

Our Women in RPA (WIRPA) initiative aims to do just this, providing a community, forum and events for the growing number of ambitious women in tech.

Women in RPA: creating a platform for change

Blue Prism's ‘Women in RPA’ (WIRPA) initiative was set up in 2019, as a proactive response to the gender inequality that we saw in the technology industry.

Our ongoing goal is to promote the role of women within the RPA space, through events and community engagement. WIRPA gives our Blue Prism partners, internal staff and stakeholders a forum to highlight the key issues of women in STEM. And as we near the one-year anniversary of the WIRPA initiative, we feel that now is the time to pause and reflect on the great things we’ve achieved as a female-led community.

A whole year of WIRPA events and engagement

We’re immensely proud of the work of our three WIRPA co-founders, Xina Seaton, VP Customer Experience, Cari Williams, Director, EMEA Strategic Program Management, and Sophie Rawlins, Account Director at Blue Prism. Between them, they’ve created a real platform for change, encouraging a growing number of women to get proactively involved in boosting female representation within RPA and tech.

Changing the male/female balance and increasing the general levels of equality within the technology sector, is not a task that will be achieved overnight. It’s likely to be a step-by-step evolution, with our eyes firmly set on greater opportunities for female IT professionals.

But we’re overjoyed with the level of interaction, support and engagement we’ve seen from women across the whole global IT and tech community.

A four-part series to explore WIRPA

Over the year that WIRPA has existed, we’ve been blown away by what can be achieved when aspirational women get together and support each other.

To celebrate our successes, and highlight the key aims of the WIRPA initiative, we’ll be taking you through an extensive four-part blog series – giving you our view of women in RPA in 2020, where more action is needed, and how we plan to meet these goals.

Across the course of this blog series we’ll be looking at:

  1. Redressing the balance of women in technology – talking to WIRPA co-founders, Cari Williams and Sophie Rawlins to understand why the Women in RPA initiative was needed, our goals and what we hope to achieve.
  2. A proactive approach to gender equality in RPA – with Cari and Sophie outlining the practical ways in which the whole tech sector can get involved in balancing out the current gender equality gap within RPA and beyond.
  3. Automation and driving female innovation in tech – talking to Carla Marzari, Innovation Engineer at the Blue Prism Innovation Center to understand how she is helping to drive female-driven excellence within the RPA community and STEM.
  4. Boosting Your Future Intelligently With Automation – chatting with Sam Shaw, Head of Customer Support (EMEA) at Blue Prism to find out how WIRPA is helping to empower women in tech, and the key themes for 2020.

Driving empowerment through Intelligent Automation

Redressing the gender imbalance won’t be a quick fix. But, here at Blue Prism, we believe that connected-RPA and Intelligent Automation have a significant part to play in this goal.

Our Intelligent Automation platform is already helping scores of businesses to automate the most time-consuming and inspiration-draining tasks faced by modern organizations. By removing much of the administrative burden, women in tech can remain focused on innovation, product development and enhancing delivery for their customers – and that’s a hugely positive step in the right direction for empowering women in RPA.

Part 1: Redressing the balance of women in technology will be published shortly, introducing you in more detail to the goals of our WIRPA initiative.

Get involved in our Women in RPA initiative

Hear from our Blue Prism experts, Carla Marzari, Innovation Engineer on May 14 talking about Intelligent Automation: An Overview Of Current Day Applications And Benefits and Sam Shaw, Head of Customer Support EMEA on June 10 covering Boost your Future Intelligentlywith Automation

We look forward to having you join us!