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ABB Achieves Business Excellence and Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

200+ Digital workers provide global support delivering hundreds of reports to 25 countries.
Fast Digital workers with OCR capabilities quickly extract important financial data.
95% A chatbot, developed with intelligent automation, handles most inquiries to ABB’s Global Travel Service.
"“We want to move away from RPA and move toward intelligent and cognitive automation and we see Blue Prism as our partner in doing so.”"
Akshay Nigam Global Program Manager, Smart Automation and Advanced Analytics, GBS Procurement and Logistics, ABB

Blue Prism Digital Workforce Propels Business Efficiency for Manufacturer

Swiss industrial manufacturing giant ABB is known for its innovative nature. As a market leader, the company is hyperaware of the need to keep up with new trends in technology to boost growth. So, ABB Global Business Services Procurement & Logistics function created an internal smart automation team dedicated to improving the efficiencies within the function using intelligent automation.


ABB recognized the importance of digitally transforming its business. The company had invested in best-of-breed technology solutions but found that these solutions were not directly meeting business demands. Stakeholders throughout the business were not utilizing the technology effectively or at all.


ABB partnered with Blue Prism to implement a robust intelligent automation program. They aimed to create a “demand-first” approach, where internal customers would approach the automation team with problems that need solving. Blue Prism’s intelligent digital workforce automated ABB’s repetitive, administrative work and allowed its employees to shift their focus to more value-added work like process improvement and training colleagues.

ABB was also one of the first companies to test Blue Prism Decipher, a new advanced processing solution that leverages optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning technology to extract valuable data from invoices, purchase orders, and more. 

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