Case Study

ABB Meeting Automation Demands

“We clearly want to move away from RPA and move towards intelligent and cognitive automation, and we see Blue Prism being our partner in doing so.”
Akshay Nigam Global Programme Manager, Smart Automation & Advanced Analytics, GBS Procurement & Logistics, ABB


ABB recognized the importance of digitally transforming its business. The company had invested in best-of-breed technology solutions but found that these solutions were not directly meeting business demands. 

ABB aimed to decentralize its operating model, so that the needs of its internal customers were prioritized and analyzed case by case. Doing this was made difficult by inefficient internal processes that kept employees stuck on low-value tasks and reduced the company’s agility and efficiency.


ABB partnered with Blue Prism to implement a robust intelligent automation program. They aimed to create a “demand-first” approach, where internal customers would approach the automation team with problems that need solving. Blue Prism’s intelligent digital workforce automated ABB’s repetitive, administrative work and allowed its employees to shift their focus to more value-added work like process improvement and training colleagues.

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