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Better rates

Staff can negotiate great deals rather than doing paperwork, leading to employee satisfaction.


Quotes received in minutes instead of days

AGCO Employees Negotiate Contracts and Let Digital Workers Manage the Paperwork

“The digital worker reads the email, downloads the attachments, and connects to a sign-up rate. Our system retrieves the data and creates the quotation, which is sent back to the supplier.”
Levente Illés Head of Intelligent Automation

Global Manufacturer Streamlines Request for Quotation Process

Farmers around the world recognize brand names like Valtra, Fendt, and Massey Ferguson—the farm equipment they depend on, which is manufactured by AGCO. The company has a presence in all global markets, but operating at this scale and delivering on the expectation of quality, while remaining agile and reducing inefficiencies, was a challenge AGCO needed to resolve. So, to optimize efficiencies, AGCO brought in a Blue Prism digital workforce.


AGCO manufactures the world’s most dependable farm machinery for brands that every farmer knows and trusts. And in order to keep the supply chain running smoothly, the company needed to maintain efficient relationships with each of its suppliers. For AGCO, creating a request for quotation was a critical process, and getting it right was key to generating revenue. But it was also taking up a huge amount time. AGCO wanted to optimize the process, giving its staff more time to negotiate better contracts.


From the outset, AGCO adopted a standardized and scalable approach to implementing intelligent automation across its business with guidance from Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model. And this gave AGCO both a blueprint and the confidence about how to proceed when it came to the important task of automating quotations.

Then they turned to expert Blue Prism digital workers to deliver it. Now, when a request for a quotation is received, a digital worker reads the email, retrieves the relevant data and, integrating with AGCO systems, formulates and sends back the quote. This has returned a huge amount of work hours back to AGCO’s human staff, who now spend their time negotiating better prices and rates

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