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AGCO is Future-Proofing its Business with Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model

Savings in cost due to a reduced need for staff to work overtime.
94K work hours returned to the business, every year.
Scale automation with a standardized and robust operating model.
"“We have over 60 processes in production, with only one Process Controller who is responsible for the entire operation and maintenance of the processes. He’s able to complete this task in a standard eight-hour work week. So, the bots are running very, very reliably.”"
Levente Illés Head of Intelligent Automation

Global Manufacturer Widely Scales Intelligent Automation Program Using Blue Prism's ROM

Valtra, Fendt, and Massey Ferguson are brands agricultural producers around the world rely on to get the job done, brands all built by AGCO. The company is renowned for making things that last, so when they decided to boost their operational efficiency, they adopted the very same approach. How? They future proofed the business by building a standardized and scalable, intelligent automation program with help from Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model.


Operating in all major continents, AGCO realized that the size of its operation could benefit from the implementation of intelligent automation. There were substantial gains to be made. But, equally, the global rollout of such a program had to be managed in such a way that it didn’t compromise the significant equity that had been built in the brands its customers had come to trust.


AGCO realized that the path they were embarking upon was long and potentially complex, but also a treasure trove of opportunities, so it established several guiding principles to help it stay on track. The goal was to design and implement a robust, robotic operating model that was both scalable and repeatable: two characteristics that will ensure the effort spent early on is amplified rather than wasted as the program gains traction in different markets. AGCO turned to Blue Prism to help it deliver this program.

Today, the organization has automated over 60 processes, returning more than 94,000 work hours to the business every year. They have rapidly deployed Blue Prism digital workers in finance, purchasing, HR, manufacturing, marketing, and IT. In the company’s supply chain, digital workers run reports to assess supplier performance using data extracted from SAP. Planners simply apply filters in SAP to design relevant reports. The digital workers pick up the report from there in SAP, apply logic, and email the recipient with the requested data.

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