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Case Study

Aviva’s Robust Robotic Operating Model Leads to Unprecedented ROI

16 M transactions processed by Digital Workers
£1 M cost savings
1.4 M hours back to the business

Aviva Automation & Digital Transformation with Blue Prism ROM

Aviva, one of the largest insurance providers in the UK, aimed to place innovation and automation at the heart of its business. To successfully execute this goal, Aviva developed a powerful robotic operating framework to govern its rapidly growing automation program. With more than 350 automated processes running, it is crucial that each one has been properly vetted. Targeted IT teams usher each process through stringent evaluation, development, and code-quality checks. 

A continuous release model enables IT to ship usable development features when ready, speeding time to market. Splunk dashboards are used to prioritize top exceptions and have helped to attain a 99% success rate for problem resolution. Additionally, the team at Aviva saves time and resources by reusing objects that have already been created—in one process, usage of Exchange webservices drives the input in the form of emails to 250+ other processes.

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