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The Business Impact of Blue Prism's Intelligent Automation

A subsidiary of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, viadonau is responsible for both the preservation and careful development of the Danube river. And like any organization, viadonau wants to maximize operational efficiency and employee productivity. Specifically, in the Finance and Controlling Department, viadonau wanted to speed up the process of generating and provisioning ERP evaluations as a part of business-critical quarterly reports.

Read viadonau's story below or download to discover how intelligent automation was the key to increasing productivity and efficiency in the Public Sector.

Intelligent Automation in the Public Sector Operations

Citizens across Europe enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Danube River. Austrians are dedicated to the river’s conservation and also to its development. In fact, viadonau, a subsidiary of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, was created oversee this important work. And like any organization, viadonau wants to maximize operational efficiency and employee productivity. 

What is the best way to do this? Deploy intelligent automation.


Time-consuming and routine tasks are generally not the favorite part of anyone’s day. viadonau understands this and wants to free employees to engage in more value-added tasks. Specifically, in the Finance and Controlling Department, viadonau wanted to free employees from generating and provisioning ERP evaluations as a part of quarterly reports. The reports are critical to the business because they provide cost targets and comparisons. To generate a report, employees were required to log in to the ERP system, open different screens, enter reporting parameters, and generate and save a pdf file. Long processing lead times and delays in the IT system often left the employees sitting unproductively waiting to move to the next step in the process.


Blue Prism intelligent digital workers, recommended by partner Leadvise_Reply, were brought in to take over this time-consuming, resource-heavy task. In fact, they were able to implement digital workers in only 10 days. Digital workers now log in to the ERP system and complete the reporting process from end-to-end allowing their human colleagues to work on more complex and important projects. With digital workers, the reports are generated in record time—in fact, fifteen times faster than before.

What’s next for the digital workers stationed at viadonau?

Intelligent automation will be rolled out across the company with the help of a Center of Excellence called the “Knowledge Hub”. And, an employee-attended process screening workshop revealed 34 new candidates for automation, so there will be no shortage of work for employees and digital workers alike.

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