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Mailroom Automation: AI Replaces Manual Tasks with Up to 98% Accuracy

98% indexing accuracy
95% data extraction accuracy
< 1 hour turnaround SLA

Reimagined with AI-Driven Document Automation at 98% Accuracy

A major insurance company saved time, money, and employee sanity with SS&C | Blue Prism®️ Document Automation. The AI-driven system took on the arduous task of identifying, processing, interpreting, and routing physical forms to achieve digital mailroom automation.


SS&C Blue Prism was asked by a large insurance company to achieve straight-through indexing for one of its digital mailrooms. Volume was expected to average 5,000 pages per hour with seasonal peak volumes significantly above that. Over 800 different form types required index data extraction.

The manual nature of dealing with this volume was costly. Matching resources to seasonality incurs training and staffing expenses. Pay is competitive due to high cognitive load. Yet, turnover is also a problem—sorting mail is not particularly engaging.


Document Automation uses pre-programmed templates to quickly identify and reorder forms, and extracts typed and handwritten data. Six of eight key digital mailroom tasks were replaced at up to 98% accuracy.


  • Achieve clear ROI: The accuracy threshold for a positive ROI was 90%. Document Automation’s range was 96-98%.
  • Better error tracing: All mistakes are digital and trackable, making them easier to find and fix.
  • Less than one hour turnaround.
  • Secure: Data transfer between the client and Document Automation uses state-of-the art file transfer tech.
  • Increased flexibility: The system can scale up and down for seasonality with ease.
  • Tireless: This client setup runs your digital mailroom 24/7/365 - with up to 98% automated accuracy.

Document Automation

Document Automation looks at every page. It de-skews, zooms and rotates it to match a template, which codes in the location of the data fields. It can extract fields that contain handwritten data, including signatures, printed text, and check boxes. Its AI is trained to ignore scan artifacts and form labels.

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