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Case Study

Equinix Transforms Accounts Payable with Solution from Blue Prism, ABBYY, and WonderBotz

7,000 hours projected to be returned to the business on an ongoing annual basis
60% reduction in supplier query response time – from 1 week to 2 days
Value AP clerks now able to analyze supplier statements and manage invoice aging

“Equinix has embraced digital transformation to increase the efficiencies of our processes without compromising accuracy. We partnered with Blue Prism, ABBYY and WonderBotz to establish a streamlined and scalable accounts payables process.”

Jaideep Vijayakar

Director of Finance Strategy and Transformation, Equinix

Accounts Payable Automation Solution with RPA, OCR & Intelligent Automation

Moving data at lightning speed is more important than ever—just ask the millions of people working from home. Equinix, a U.S.-based, global interconnection and data center provider, has embraced digital transformation to increase the efficiencies of its business processes without compromising accuracy. Equinix partnered with Blue Prism, ABBYY and WonderBotz to establish a new operating model that would streamline its business processes for accounts payable.


Like many global companies, Equinix receives numerous invoices on a daily basis through multiple channels. Completing the invoicing process was time-consuming. Staff needed to read PDF copies of invoices, manually enter data into the system, and match the data to purchase orders based on different rules. This required a large accounts payable (AP) staff. Suppliers with high volumes of invoices absorbed a significant amount of the AP staff’s time and hindered productivity by not allowing staff to focus on other tasks. Lastly, business leaders lacked visibility into end-to-end processes.


Equinix and WonderBotz took a good look at all of Equinix’s finance and accounting processes and decided that accounts payable was the perfect place to start. Blue Prism digital workers now handle the procure-to-pay process in the following way

  1. Digital workers keep an eye on the “payables” inbox where the invoice arrival, sorting and categorization is done.
  2. When an invoice arrives, they download the file, rename it to include the supplier’s name and invoice number along with a time stamp, save it to a network folder, and then send it to ABBYY.
  3. ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices recognizes, captures and extracts the key data and line item details.
  4. If there is high confidence in the accuracy of the data, ABBYY FlexiCapture sends the data back to the digital workers. If not, the invoice is passed to a human employee for verification. When an exception is found, AP employees make the necessary updates to the data and load it back to the queue for the digital workers to reprocess.
  5. Digital workers upload the digital data from ABBYY into Equinix’s AP system and attach a copy of the invoice for future reference.

AP employees are now freed up to focus on important work like analyzing supplier statements and managing invoice aging.

Read Equinix’s story to learn how the company partnered with Blue Prism, ABBYY and WonderBotz to streamline accounts payable processes—and swiftly and consistently process invoices.

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