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Intelligent Automation Stars in Finance Process Transformation at Fremantle

Improved experience Employees focus on interesting projects and better work, life balance
99% Reduction in time to complete producer share reporting
82% Less time required for delivering hedging analysis
"Extracting data out of SAP is not very exciting. But when we partnered with Arvato to optimize and automate the process with a Blue Prism digital workforce, we ended up with people doing what they’re actually qualified to do; and now they have time to analyze the data.”"
Gillian Ahluwalia Finance Director, Fremantle Shared Services

Ever watched Got Talent, The X Factor, Neighbours or American Gods? If so, then it’s Fremantle you have to thank. 

Headquartered in London, Fremantle is one of the world’s largest content creators, producers and distributors, operating in over 30 countries. This fact is great for fans, but not so great for Fremantle’s finance team who find it challenging to produce key, time-critical, monthly reports. To fix the problem they partnered with Arvato and Blue Prism to launch an all-new showstopper – intelligent automation

Download the full story to learn how Fremantle, in partnership with Arvato, utilized a Blue Prism digital workforce to find a way to free up their finance team so they could provide insightful analysis instead of spending hours stuck in building those reports.

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