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Jaguar Land Rover Uses Intelligent Automation to Sustain a Century of Success

£1M+ value achieved with intelligent automation
INSIGHT gained from process data, while revealing new commercial opportunities
SAVINGS cost savings reinvested back into the business

We see (Blue Prism) as a key enabler for other technologies – including artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies. For example, RPA can capture a huge amount of data that can then be applied to machine learning applications. Intelligent automation will provide the foundation for creating and extending these solutions across the business.”

Rob Kesterton

Head of Business Optimization, Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is no stranger to creativity and innovation. Since 1922 they’ve been building cars that epitomize great design, luxury and attention to detail, making this UK-based company one of the most coveted brands worldwide. But success is not about reaching the top, it’s about staying there. So how has JLR managed a century of success? By consistently implementing new technologies to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.


JLR has always sought innovative ways to solve problems. That’s no surprise. It has succeeded during a time of consolidation in the auto industry. But with that growth came challenges, like how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its complex, process-driven, legacy IT infrastructure. Renewing or rebuilding the enterprise IT environment would have been both difficult and prohibitively expensive. So, JLR explored intelligent automation as a way to generate a tangible and effective method for transformation. Especially attractive was the non-invasive way a Blue Prism digital workforce could be deployed onto their existing IT landscape, ensuring that benefits could be realized quickly.


To build a precision automobile like a Land Rover, engineering teams plan down to the smallest detail. JLR took the same approach to intelligent automation, building a 30-person Center of Excellence to ensure that automations were done right the first time. Initial candidates for automation were high-frequency, simple-yet-impactful processes, including accounts payable and invoice reconciliation. These automations led to quick wins like increased accuracy and reduced compliance risks.

Data analytics are a hot topic, so JLR’s data analytics team tasked digital workers with highlighting and extracting hidden data across the enterprise. Using this rich data, JLR created powerful algorithms that can provide insight to generate cost savings and reveal new commercial opportunities. The time-intensive nature and scale of this work was a perfect fit for digital workers.

JLR has generated multi-million pounds of value from its intelligent automation program, with all savings and human capacity carefully reinvested back into the business. Intelligent automation has transformed the business, while improving employee and customer outcomes.

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