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How Nordea Stays Ahead of the Competition with RPA

380 Digital Workers in production
1,500 FTE Worth of time released back into the business
Automation-First Operating Model

"What does technology mean for Nordea? It’s definitely one of the key aspects where we want to be the leading bank. We have invested a lot into our mobile bank, which is regarded as the best in the Nordic markets. But we also believe very much in a personal relationship with our customers – that’s why we’re very interested in omni-channel."

Ossi Leikola

Head of Operations at Nordea

Nordea - a 200-year-old bank in one of the most digitally sophisticated parts of the world – is no stranger to digital dynamism. It was delivering online banking services to millions before the turn of the millennium, when most the world was still mailing in checks. It was around this same time that it took the name ‘Nordea’, a contraction of the words ‘Nordic’ and ‘ideas’.

Nordea Embracing Intelligent Automation & RPA in Banking

Fast forward to 2015 and its latest big idea was to embrace robotic process automation (RPA) as a cornerstone of its strategy. RPA offered the promise of rewriting the way Nordea did business, transforming internal processes, reducing human error, improving staff experience, and lowering costs. It would also ultimately help allow the bank to develop layers of added intelligence and AI.

Download the case study to understand how that promise has materialized to help Nordea maintain its leadership position. 

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