Case Study

Leeds Building Society Enhances Mortgage Product Transfer Experience with Digital Workers


Members served by digital workers executing product transfers


Automated communications sent to members


Hours of extra processing capacity generated

With intelligent automation, we were able to automate the entire end-to-end member journey.
Keith Woof RPA Platform Manager

Leeds Building Society offers a range of mortgage products including support for first time buyers and later-in-life borrowers. When borrowers come to the end of a mortgage deal, they are offered the opportunity to move to a new product and increasingly expect a seamless, digitally-enabled experience from their provider. So how did the Society step up its service game? They turned to intelligent automation to make this switch smoother and easier for their customers.


As a customer-centered organization, the Society prides itself on offering great service as well as competitive products but when borrowers’ mortgage deals mature, they may shop around to see whether they can get a better deal elsewhere. The Society’s mortgage product transfer process required a lot of manual intervention, with only 40% of customers submitting all the documents and information required first time. The manual nature of the process already meant long wait times for appointments with mortgage consultants and with the number of product transfers expected to increase by almost 30% in the following year, Leeds Building Society wanted to find a solution to ensure it maintained service levels.


Blue Prism digital workers manage the product migration process, end-to-end. This has enabled the Society to offer an alternative to in-person meetings, which has proved particularly useful during the pandemic, and switch to a digital form that customers can complete from the comfort of their own home. To date, 25,000 members have been migrated, with digital workers sending over 75,000 communications to manage the transitions. Operating at capacity, the Blue Prism digital workforce automatically can migrate 1,500 members per month to new mortgage deals, which frees up over 11,000 hours of additional processing capacity.

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