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London School of Economics – Blue Prism RPA Case Study at Telefonica O2

“Not only have we saved FTE in the Back Office we’re now actually saving FTE in the front office as a result of those reduced calls. And then lastly, experience. It’s very difficult to measure from a customer experience perspective what benefits we’ve had by using RPA. But with reduced turnaround times, reduced calls, how can experience not be improved?”

Wayne Butterfield

Head of Digital Service Innovation & Transformation at Telefónica

Telefonica Case Study

Professor Leslie Willcocks and Professor Mary Lacity of the London School of Economics have conducted an in depth case study of Telefonica O2’s Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation program. The report includes a detailed review of the history of the program, the benefits that have been realized and the lessons from this large scale deployment of Digital Workers.

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