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Mercy Radiology Books an Appointment with a Digital Worker Called Rob-E

“We’ve enabled referrers and patients to book their scan or interventional service with us online. We’re actually the first radiology provider in New Zealand that offers a service like this.”
Dr. Lloyd McCann CEO and Head of Digital Health, Mercy Radiology

Blue Prism Digital Worker Schedules Appointments for Healthcare Provider

Referrers and patients at Mercy Radiology can book an appointment online but administering this task was still being done manually by staff. Mercy Radiology is on a mission to become New Zealand’s leading bionic radiology provider. So, to remain true to their mission, Mercy needed a more efficient way of processing appointments. And they found one when they hired Rob-E, a Blue Prism intelligent digital worker.


Although Mercy Radiology offers a broad range of services at 13 different locations across New Zealand not all services are available at all locations, and each service needs a different amount of time to complete. Previously, referrers and patients could request a service online, but behind the scenes employees had to manually check, reconcile and confirm the requests before entering this into the Radiology Information System (RIS). Given the complexity of the system, this was proving to be very time intensive for Mercy staff.


After consulting with their partner Virtual Blue, Mercy decided to deploy a Blue Prism intelligent digital worker to manage the requests and manage the process of transferring information from their online booking system into their RIS. Named Rob-E by the Mercy team, he was tasked with organizing the online appointment schedule.

Rob-E has gotten up to speed quickly and currently handles around 220-280 bookings per week with 90% of appointments requiring no human intervention. Overall, this represents a significant time saving for Mercy staff who can now dedicate more time to helping patients.

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