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Mercy Radiology Enhances Cashflow by $200K per Month Using IA

$200K enhanced cashflow per month by switching to daily invoicing
Two hours to complete invoicing; previously a 8-10 hour process
98% of invoices and receipts processed accurately
"“We see that digital health and digital technology has an impact on both the outcome we are able to deliver for a patient, and an impact on cost of care delivery.”"
Dr. Lloyd McCann CEO and Head of Digital Health, Mercy Radiology

Healthcare Provider Speeds Invoicing with SS&C Blue Prism Digital Worker

Mercy Radiology offers a broad range of state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional radiological services at 13 different clinics. On a mission to become New Zealand’s leading bionic radiology provider, the healthcare provider was still operating with a manual invoicing and receipting system. This was both time intensive and prone to error. Mercy needed a more efficient way to manage this process. So, they hired Matilida, a Blue Prism intelligent digital worker.


Unlike healthcare systems in some countries, New Zealand offers its citizens access to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) scheme. In the event of an accident, Kiwis’ healthcare costs are fully covered by ACC, and this also includes the cost of diagnostics. However, this means that Mercy doesn’t always invoice patients directly. Invoices had to be created and held by Mercy’s Radiology Information System (RIS).


Having consulted with local partner Virtual Blue, Mercy Radiology deployed an SS&C Blue Prism intelligent digital worker. Fondly dubbed Matilda, she quickly took over-invoicing and receipting. Now when an invoice is logged in RIS, Matilda picks it up, automatically determines the correct payer, and lodges it through their online portal. At the same time, Matilda cross-checks the patient's details against the person’s National Health Identifier (NHI) number to ensure accuracy. Matilda now handles 98% of invoices automatically.

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