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When the Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust was looking into new and innovative ways to enhance patients’ experience when arriving at the hospital they decided to implement an enhanced patient-flow and self-service kiosk solution. Blue Prism provided a platform to help bring these kiosks online and enabled the trust to evaluate their wide-range of technologies to see how other processes might become more patient centered.


  • Blue Prism's Digital Workforce was a very quick and adaptive, which made it a cost-effective solution.
  • The platform provides full attendance tracking rather than auditing – it allows the trust to monitor how efficiently its patient care processes are operating.
  • Blue Prism is an enterprise platform – delivering robustness, scalability, audit and management information (MI).
  • Blue Prism complements existing integration technology to cover 100% of integration needs
  • The project took between eight and ten weeks to complete.
  • Advanced error tracking enables the Trust to identify any problems quickly
  • Management reporting has been very valuable with supporting MI from the hospital and the clinic

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