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National Grid Achieves 950% Return on RPA Investment Within Two Years

63k annualized hours back to the business
80k customer bills amended by Digital Workers
950% ROI for RPA program in 2 years

National Grid Return on Investment with RPA for Utilities & Energy

National Grid, an energy utilities company in the US, has delivered cost savings and a high return on investment with a Blue Prism Digital Workforce. In order to maximize the value of its RPA program, the company conducted an extensive assessment of its end-to-end processes. 

The assessment resulted in shifting focus from automating high volume/high FTE processes to organizational drivers that include customer and employee experience, compliance and improved quality and efficiency—leading to substantial improvements in ROI

In one example, Digital Workers provided immediate value by enabling employees to determine the proper location of power meters, which allowed for higher close rate of service calls. This led to increased employee and customer satisfaction.

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