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Prosegur Secures €12 million in Savings with Strategic Intelligent Automation Program

+100% ROI within 18 months
600,000 hours back to the business in three years
€12 million cost avoidance in three years
"Prosegur’s RPA initiative is intended to be user centric. An RPA training plan was established to make business users understand the benefits of RPA, where it can and cannot be used, and to help with early identification of the best processes for automation."
Fernando Cisneros Director Corporate Digitalization, Automation and Robotics

Residents in 26 countries around the world will recognize Prosegur’s yellow armored vehicles. The company secures physical and monetary assets for hundreds of thousands of customers. To make its business more efficient, Prosegur launched a digital transformation initiative three years ago. Blue Prism was selected as a key technology to help the company increase operational efficiency and enhance customer and employee experiences.

EMEA Value Driver award

When Prosegur launched its intelligent automation program, it needed to address a host of issues. First, the company aimed to reduce manual, repetitive tasks that resulted in high operational costs and often required rework due to human error. And, as a security company operating on five continents, it needed a solution with strong audit capabilities to ensure compliance with various policies, laws and regulations. 

Last, it was critical to have a scalable solution that could be used in multiple locations around the world and would yield a fast return on their investment.

Starting off strong by putting humans first

Prosegur began its automation program by establishing a solid center of excellence (COE) guided by Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model. The automation team, led by Fernando Cisneros, determined that Blue Prism would be the foundation of their digital transformation initiative to ensure the solution was scalable, completely reliable and maintainable. On the technical side, some key features of the company’s COE were centralized demand management, a hyper assessment tool and process mining methodology.

Prosegur’s COE also focused on the human experience by launching an innovative training program centered around Blue Prism. Led by Cisneros, the company recruited 25 people who were early in their careers and from different areas of expertise and trained them in automation skills—both technical and soft.

In total, 120 employees across six countries are now engaged full-time in automation work at Prosegur. Cisneros is passionate in helping people grow in their careers. What’s more, the majority of the employees on the digitization team have intellectual disabilities but have been equipped with exactly the right technology to be successful. To ensure success among other employees across the organization, the COE has provided training for more than 5000 employees, giving them the opportunity to earn Blue Prism certification and to become citizen developers.

Value added

Prosegur has derived immense value from its Blue Prism digital workforce in the past three years. A digital worker in Brazil managing a cash delivery process has saved €800,000 and helped the company avoid penalties. Another digital worker assigned to verify security certifications and is saving €100,000 per year and removing the need for paper—earning it a “green” process designation. In HR, a digital worker helps search for, select and onboard new employees, reducing process completion time by 95%.

To say this company has been innovative is an understatement. And their creativity is reaping benefits across the business. So far, they’ve saved a total €12 million, which adds up to 600,000 hours back to the business. They’ve also surpassed 100% return on their investment in less than 18 months. The efforts have been recognized by Blue Prism, too—in 2021, they won the global Customer Excellence award for Innovation Excellence and the EMEA Value Driver award.

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