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Proximus Delivers GDPR Compliance by Choosing Intelligent Automation

Fast response All opt-out requests completed the day
they’re received.
400 opt-out requests completed per month
Improved experience Customers reassured their data is being
properly handled
"The opt-out process was created from scratch, there was no existing workflow in place. Cecile was brought on to handle the requests and does it in a very timely manner.”"
Geert Goethals Director, IT Solutions Team

Proximus is a leading telecommunications company in Belgium with a reputation for digital disruption. Proximus aims to be a truly customer-focused digital company and to provide a simple, streamlined customer journey. After the introduction of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Proximus needed an effective way to remain compliant, allowing its customers to opt out of their data being stored. To get the job done, Proximus recruited one of its Blue Prism intelligent digital workers, named, “Cecile.”


As more people connect online, increasingly they’re paying closer attention to the ways in which their personal data is being stored and used by companies. To provide guidance and oversight, the GDPR was introduced across Europe to regulate how companies can use customer data. Keen to comply and keep their customers in mind, Proximus began exploring the option to allow customers to opt out of their data being stored.

Customers could request this through multiple divisions of the company. But to action the requests, applications first had to be centrally aggregated and then processed. When a customer requests an opt out, they expect it to happen promptly and it was challenging for Proximus to deliver on that expectation. A rapid response was required to keep customer sentiment positive and maintain GDPR compliance.


Proximus had already established itself as an organization willing to embrace and leverage technology. So, to solve the opt out issue, again Proximus turned to a digital solution. It introduced the newest Proximus employee, “Cecile,” a Blue Prism digital worker. Cecile now handles customer opt-out requests for multiple divisions across the organization. As customers submit the requests, Cecile receives and actions them, all within 24 hours. On average, Cecile completes 400 opt-out requests per month. Her timely processing demonstrates the respect Proximus has for its customers’ data, while reassuring customers and keeping the company fully compliant with GDPR guidelines.

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