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Thomas Miller Speeds Response Time for Club Renewals with Intelligent Automation

Flexible Easy upscaling of the digital workforce to meet demand
24/7 Digital workers processing club renewals
Easy Customers enjoying a quicker, more seamless and improved experience.

Insurance Club Renewals Made Easy with Intelligent Automation

Thomas Miller provides market-leading insurance through a network of offices in over 100 countries. But unlike many consumer-facing insurers, they don’t process a high volume of transactions each year. Thomas Miller’s products are typically more complex. Consequently, they deal with a smaller number of higher value transactions. So, when Thomas Miller looked to increase operational efficiency using intelligent automation, they knew they needed to think differently about how best to apply the technology.


The nature of the insurance products Thomas Miller provides can be highly complex. One such product was club insurance. Thomas Miller was processing around 1,000 renewals each year. To complete a renewal, an underwriter had to rekey large amount of data from one system to another; a process that took anywhere from two to six hours, per renewal. And as most renewals fell around the turn of the calendar year, there was also a large spike in workload toward the end of the year.


Optimizing club renewals was not merely a process of speeding up one step to gain more efficiency. So, after comprehensive scoping and thorough digital worker education, Thomas Miller deployed a Blue Prism intelligent digital workforce to manage club renewals. Now operating 24 hours a day, the digital workers have significantly increased both the speed and accuracy of the club renewals process, leading to a more seamless experience for customers. The flexibility of a digital workforce helps Thomas Miller upscale easily to meet peaks in demand.

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