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The Very Group saves £4.2 million by combating fraud with RPA

30 Min Implement credit process
70% Reduction in escalated customer complaints
£4.2 Million Reduction cost of fraud
“ Our longstanding robotic technology has extended beyond the back office to real-time handling of live customer queries and has led to a smoother experience for our customers.”
Lindsay Harrison Business Agility Manager, The Very Group

Very Group combating fraud with RPA 

The Very Group, an online retailer and provider of financial services in the UK, has been awarded a 2020 Excellence in RPA Award for Global Value Driver. This award was given to the Blue Prism customer that leveraged a Digital Workforce to drive exceptional value to the business by achieving or exceeding the original value proposition within a specified timeframe. 

RPA Retail Case Study 


The Very Group, a UK-based online retailer and financial services provider, strives to find a balance between trusting customers and tackling fraud. Every week, the company deals with 13,000 cases of potential fraud, and it's crucial to handle each one swiftly to minimize harm to both customers and the business. 


To enhance the quality, speed, and consistency of fraud-related decision-making, The Very Group introduced an automated parcel decision engine named "GLITBot" Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

By collaborating across departments such as operations, customer care, and business agility, the company harnessed the power of its Blue Prism Intelligent Automation and achieved substantial benefits. These Digital Workers rapidly identify suspicious transactions based on customer behavior and account history. They also provide immediate credits within 30 minutes, a significant improvement from the previous 20-day timeline, thus mitigating potential damage.

This implementation led to impressive outcomes. The company managed to save £4.2 million by preventing expenses tied to fraudulent orders and false claims of missing parcels. What’s more, the accurate issuance of credits to customers affected by fraud contributed boosted maintaining customer satisfaction.

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