Significant reduction in process operating costs


Employee satisfaction reduced pressure on time and resources.

WorldHotels Rests Easy Knowing its Future is Enabled by Intelligent Automation

Hotels operate in a very complex world, which has been opened up by the internet, with multiple distribution channels, both direct or indirect. And hotels have to deal with a wide range of rates. To remain competitive, the effective use of technology is critical.”
Torsten Rolke VP, Global Revenue and Distribution, WorldHotels

WorldHotels offers travelers easy access to a wide range of stylish and distinctive accommodations. Every hotel in the near-500-strong WorldHotels group is independent, allowing each to deliver a unique experience. But this also meant they were operating with different systems and processes. Managing this eclectic portfolio was proving difficult. That is, until WorldHotels made a reservation with intelligent automation.


WorldHotels brings together nearly 500 affiliate properties, located in more than 250 destinations across 65 countries. They offer their hotels a wide range of services, including sales, worldwide consortia contracting, and specialist e-commerce, technology, and online distribution among many others. In return, hotels must ensure they upload current rates specific to each customer profile. It’s a system that needs to be checked regularly to ensure accuracy. Previously, this was done manually, and it was taking 45 minutes per hotel. Auditing the entire group took up to a month. Clearly a more efficient system was needed to ensure that WorldHotels could continue to remain agile and competitive.


WorldHotels operates on a platform of continuous improvement. Its mission is to always deliver high-quality experiences by ensuring that it wholly supports each of its hotels, maximizing their operational efficiency. However, the inconsistencies across hotel systems meant many of its own processes were manual. The answer? A Blue Prism intelligent digital workforce. The Automated Hotel Audit was developed to help the hotels monitor the set-up of various systems at a glance. And many previously manual processes have now been automated. Should a problem or inconsistency arise, both parties immediately receive a copy of the report, allowing fast resolution. Since implementation, WorldHotels has seen a significant reduction in process operating costs with no changes to their existing systems.

Read the story to discover how intelligent automation helped WorldHotels conduct audits and significantly reduce process operating costs.

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