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Blue Prism Decision

Take your automated decision-making to the next level with Blue Prism Decision

Automate human-like decisions with minimal effort through the power of machine learning

Robotic process automation (RPA) removes the drudgery from people’s lives. Those simple, mundane and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past, thanks to digital workers.

But what about the more complex tasks?

When you introduce logic-based decision-making (if this, then that), the amount of effort required to design the process for the digital worker increases exponentially. Sure, machine learning (ML) can help, but what if you don’t have data scientists or data science expertise in your organization?

What is Blue Prism Decision?

Blue Prism Decision enables process developers to integrate machine learning-based decisions into their digital workforce — without any data science expertise.

With Blue Prism Decision you can:

  • Replicate human-like decision-making through machine learning
  • Build machine learning models in minutes through autoML
  • Explain your digital worker’s decisions with detailed audit logs

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