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Introducing Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS: Creating Value with Every Customer Interaction

How high is the cost of poor customer experiences?

Enterprises with large-scale business and consumer contact center operations are facing increased pressure to keep customers happy.

Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS combines Amazon Connect and Amazon Elasticache, plus native integrations with AWS machine learning services, with Blue Prism Service Assist intelligent contact center automation for a comprehensive, scalable, cloud-based contact center solution."


  • Customers expect a personalized, engaging, end-to-end experience, yet dealing with traditional contact centers is slow, frustrating and overly complex.
  • Agents are faced with complex in-call tasks and disparate requests across multiple systems – situations that most agents aren’t equipped to handle.
  • The result is long handling times, high agent turnover, lower customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, unhappy customers, and decreased revenue.


Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS combines native integrations with:

  • Amazon Connect – a seamless, front-end omnichannel experience with a unified contact center for voice, integrated voice response (IVR), and chat;
  • Amazon ElastiCache – an in-memory data store; and
  • Blue Prism Service Assist intelligent contact center automation for a cloud-based solution that expedites delivery across the customer journey for a simplified agent and customer experience.


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REDUCED RISK:  Agents are free from the complexity of interfacing with multiple systems and screens (CRM, ERP, mainframes, IT apps, third-party, unstructured data), which increase hold and speed of answer times.

BETTER CUSTOMER & AGENT EXPERIENCES: Agents use an intuitive web-based single screen with dynamic, contextual interface & instantly get a 360-degree view of the customer.

CREATE EFFICIENCIESService Assist digital workers interface with legacy data sources to populate just one screen with customer data.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Agents can trigger digital workers to immediately execute top customer requests and deliver the right answer in real time.


Service Assist on AWS Reference Architecture
  • AWS Connect gives agents access to all the information they need in one simple view to quickly resolve any issue.
  • AWS Elasticache captures data to start the customer journey from IVR, chatbot or other channels reserving it for when the agent needs it.
  • Blue Prism native integrations with Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Translate mean that Service Assist digital workers can generate personalized advice based on past and current information or actions, as well as other critical back end data, and send it to agents.
  • The result is a solution that gives agents everything they need to effectively help customers instantly retrieving customer information in near real time for every incoming call.


Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS hyper automates and speeds contact center operations, including reducing average hold times (AHT) and Abandon Call rates; decreasing agent turnover and operating expenses; improving average speed of answer (ASA) rates; handling more calls per agent; and helping you to create happier customers . Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS is ideal for enterprise contact centers with up to 25,000 agents where the value of cost savings and impact on customer satisfaction is important to the customer mission.

Using Service Assist technology on AWS enables us to deploy simple digital interactions to our staff globally, 24x7,” says Karen Rooney, head of process simplification & optimization, Fidelity International. “The International arm of Fidelity Investments has been using the solution for more than two years, together with Blue Prism digital workers, accessing modern and legacy systems to automate repetitive work, allowing us to provide much better service to our customers.

Add Digital Experts to Service Assist on AWS to give your agents superpowers. Layering in CLEVVA’s Digital Experts provides agents access to knowledge normally spread across many company divisions. Amazon services give agents access to all the information they need in one simple view to quickly resolve any issue. And Blue Prism native integrations enable Service Assist digital workers to generate personalized advice for each customer. Agents get what they need to effectively help your customers faster.

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